Playroom should not show the tables of absent people by default

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1. kumandan,

I propose that the game should not show the rooms of absent people by default. An option to turn this on and off should be implemented. We join empty rooms of people that we think we can play on but they don't start at all. Once we look at ctrl+w then we see that they are absent, thus we spend unnecessary time with these tables.

2. facelessghost,

And I just can't get to join an empty room.
The system tells me that this table is private, or there is no such table.
Yes, empty game tables really should not be displayed.

3. Nikola,

This is a good idea, but how can an automatic approach know when somebody is absent just because they are waiting for players and not doing anything, or because they are not at their computer? I agree that there needs to be some automatic system for this, but it's not easy to do in my opinion. What we could perhaps do is automatically shut down a table if 3 people have joined without any game related activity in a period longer than 10 minutes.

4. kumandan,

The game already shows a player as absent when you press ctrl w. The tables should automatically be hidden when this is the case.

5. Nikola,

So, what if you create a table, wait for players but do something else on your pc? Your table will be hidden, which means you would constantly need to do something on the PR just to keep it visible. This is why I said such a system is a bad idea.

6. facelessghost,

You can implement this by the following algorithm:
1. create a group of parameters responsible for such settings.
1.1. in the parameters, you can give the user a choice of optional. Let the user enter the number of minutes after which his game table will be temporarily hidden.
1.2. the second parameter where, in the absence of any actions at the computer, the table is marked “absent”
and after a while the table disappears.
Again, this should be optional.
1.3. otherwise, when the user does not assign parameters without any changes in the name of the gaming table after 20 minutes of no action at the computer, a note appears missing.
In this case, you can join the table, but it will be clear to everyone from this note that the organizer of the game is not around right now.
the mark is immediately removed as soon as the system detects the actions of the game organizer.

7. helleon,

Easy as far as I'm concerned. Regardless of how many is at the table, if it is open for an hour with no activity it should be either hidden or quit. If someone joins and after 5 minutes still no activity from the master, the table should be quit

8. ethan,

well you could do like TeamTalk does. set an edit box in the f9 menu. in opction like set tables after x amount of inacivity where x is the time in minits you would put in it. pressing spase would open the edit box.

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