An urgent problem which needs to be solved

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1. Cristina,

Please take the proper attitude against those who were baned and they still are able to come on here using VPN.
I have this request because there’s a Romanian player who creates many troubles on here.
She got baned in many times, even her IP, but she keeps creating new accounts and come on here using VPN.
Her first account was michimichisor which were created with six years ago and since that time she creates troubles. Her account was baned, but she keeps creating other accounts even if this is absolutely forbidden.
She keeps bothering and annoying many players on here because she is sending us private messages or is joining our tables and throws her insults, curses, swearing. She does this in Romanian language, English or even Turkish.
I’ve played today citadel with some friends, two of them are young Romanian players. That trouble maker has joined our table and insulted me using very nasty words in Romanian language. Then she has left and disabled her account, Valer was username of it.
Those two Romanian young players I’ve played with got shocked and asked how is it possible to be allowed to such players to be on playroom and why aren’t they baned forever?
It is inadmissible how some crazy players keep bothering us and even if they got baned can come back using VPN.
My suggestion is to disallow VPN and maybe in this way they can be stopped forever.
Those trouble makers do not deserve to be on here neither us to be bothered and annoyed by them all the time.
Hope this urgent problem will be solved as soon as possible and all of us will be thankful for it!
Kind regards, Cristina!

2. Dayan,

There's not much to say from my side, but a thing. I'm one of the victims. She keeps insulting me in English and Turkish. I didn't know she was Michimichisor, although I met her with that username, but the way I knew her was as Milena Cirimelo. She keeps saying I support prostitution and a lot of rude words. I wanted to ask for permision to have another account, because even if I changed my name on here she would find me. My only solution is VPN not allowed here...

3. Kotoamatsukami,

Well I would like to see Aminiel blocking VPN

4. YNWA,

I know the person you are talking about Cristina so am not surprised as I have seen that in the past as you know. The obvious thing to say and perhaps you have already done it is contact helpers. The use of VPN'S are supposed to be banned already. Because of the said person and another person I did suggest that all new accounts for the first 48 hours should be muted and that was the case until Aminiel with no explanation decided to stop them. Ok it won't solve the problem but would slow them down.

5. Aminiel,

Please contact helpers for that kind of problem.

VPN are in theory already forbidden; at least the most known IP ranges are blocked. However, in practice, they constantly change their address and so it isn't easy to block them completely, without mention that there are a lot of paid or free VPN out there, especially in countries where political situation isn't very stable.

6. Purebeat,

It's weird cause she never hurt me. It just tells what kind of person she is and if you don't care about it she will stop. These insulters live of that you care about them, and theyll keep doing the mess until you care of their words. I simply don't care of such spammers and don't even enter their tables, i have my privacy set and yeeeeey, what a wonder, they don't find me! That's it.

7. Cristina,

Perhaps your username did not look attractive to her... nobody cares of what she says or does, but she is insisting a lot what it is already too much for all of us.

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8. StormProductions,

I'd really wish to try to speak to her, wanna see what she can say about me. :D

9. Dayan,

She would probably tell you stuff like I am bad and Cristina has many accounts and something like that. :D And @Aminiel I have told helpers about that, but this is not something that goes on for days, no, not even months. Years and nobody can stop her, nobody.

10. Purebeat,

It's weird that she hurts only some people. If you set your privacy she cannot join you nor send you pms, just block her and youll be fine. I dont know why you even get angry at these people.

11. Dayan,

Thing is she keeps changing account and adding us, we never know what is gonna come and invites us and joins us. If she invites us the table topic has an insult included.

12. Purebeat,

How many times shall i say, set, your, privacy!

13. Dayan,

It's all set. If she does not send me more friend requests then all will be fine. I'd ask all the affected people to post here, unfortunately I don't speak Turkish and can't communicate properly with them. Maybe if you change your username, @cristina, the problem could be solved for some time, otherwise she will still find you as easy as she does...

14. YNWA,

Cristina changing her username wouldn't work unless her friends did the same to confuse the matter. She would work out no Cristina and a new player playing with the same kind of people that Cristina did. It is possible to see that it was a new account by checking on the date of that account by going to statistics (hence suggesting you had control over who saw your info in a previous post and perhaps that could be an option).

You suggest just blocking her, that works to a certain extent or have settings where friends can join your table but this is as useful as a chocolate kettle if you are not table master. You suggest ignoring it or giving it little publicity and that can help, I have done that with some things I have wwitnessed with Quiz party, I just come to the conclusion some people are either Childish or just spiteful.

Laws have changed in the UK and perhaps Romania too and you may Cristina have to take action that way. Banning her won't be enough as it is very easy to create an account here. If muting is no-longer an option and I am guessing from what Snowflake said to me once that banning acounts created by Google or Microsoft wouldn't work as people from other countries don't have a private email account, there must be some kind of automatic delaying system for all new accounts as manual approval would prove to be too much work for helpers.

15. Cristina,

She did not bother me on the last some years.
I think she did now because I've told to Marina "Michisor is back" and she baned her account.
Marina did this because that trouble maker sent her a lot of stupid messages and insults via f4 and because she keeps surpassing the ban, creating new accounts only to come on here and drop her insults, curses and swearings to many people.
Even if we set our privacy, she is joining those tables where we are not master. She did this when I've played citadel with those young romanian players I've said about in my previous post.
I am not going to create another account because of her because I do not want her to steal again my name like she did in past.
I've changed my username for one month at that time, then she took my Cristina name. Because of it I was not able to change back to Cristina and I was forced to ask Aminiel to disable that count because she did not use it at all during one year.
She did it on purpose and because of her evilness.

16. Kotoamatsukami,

Blocking her takes two seconds, creating a new account takes way longer. What's exactly the problem?

17. Purebeat,

It's been a long time ago since i could agree with you, Vojvoda. But now i do, absolutely.

18. Cristina,

You did not understand guys... she has multiple accounts and how could we know which are those to block her?
Moreover, she creates an account, comes to drop her dirty words then leaves and disables that. On the next minute she comes with her other account and does the same...
When It doesn't worth to block because she disables her accounts and creates new one... smile

19. Kotoamatsukami,

When she sents you a message in private then block, if she joins a table ban. Who cares about few seconds that she will spend on the table. No matters what words she use you probably won't care of that because she's a mentally damaged person, yes indeed admins should stop her somehow but I do not think it is possible, everyone can create fake mails use VPN and connect. She'll get bored at some point, because of that just kick ban block shoot whatever

20. Purebeat,

If you didn't pay attention she wouldn't care. These are called children. They seek for attention and they are happy if they get what they wanted.

21. Cristina,

All of you subestimate her... smile
She does this since many years and it seems she did not get bored of it, but we get bored and tired of her...

22. Dayan,

Hard to explain how it is with her, maybe if you guys would be in that situation you would get what we mean. There is no point on blocking her, because at the end she will delete her account and create another one, which we won't know it's her and so we won't be able to block her. If she does not find us online she goes to tables and then talks crap of us with her broken English, then she removes her account. We can't go to play any game because she will follow us, since the people we join have not set their options to "friends only", so we can't have a peaceful play because then she will come and start her crap. It is truly annoying what she does, wish you could understand a bit better. And yes, indeed she won't get tired of it, but we do. She does this since I can remember, she was talking about Cristina back then, but then she stopped and now she's back to her again, and she has been saying stuff about me for almost a year, and all why? Because I join a table and she dislikes the table master, then she follows me, adds me, tells me I support prostitution and... Well. Whatever. I said enough and still will be hard to understand for you.

23. Kotoamatsukami,

Well if it lasts for years and you can not handle it then all I can say is my condolences

24. Purebeat,

If it's for years you should have learned to handle it. Just don't react to her messages and that's all. Even if it's annoyingg. She exactly knows that she annoys you with it and it's her goal.

25. Adventure-Time,

The problem is that since she always comes up with a different account, it's impossible to avoid her completely. She has been doing so for a long time now, despite not reacting to her outbursts. Yeah, it's not difficult to always block her, ban her out of the tables and report her account, but imagine getting such an aggressive message every day. It will get deeply annoying if nothing else. I highly agree with the first post, and I hope there is a way to make playroom access with VPNs impossible.

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26. jason100 ,

how do you know that is the same person? just asking

27. Adventure-Time,

Obviously by the style of writing and mainly the content of her messages which keeps being the same.

28. StormProductions,

Allright, what's her username now? I'm also Romanian, I wanna see if he will do the same to me. Just curious.

29. Dayan,

we can't know her username ever, she will always create a new account and delete the current one. She deletes them to avoid the ban, as it seems.

30. YNWA,

Stormzy you will have to play regularly with Cristina if you want to experience what Cristina's friends experience. The person is irelevent to be honest but the principle that any user can easily create multiple acounts instantly is a weakness in the PR system. (If you like it is a bug that allows people to get round Helper's bans. I don't think waiting 24 hours to start a new account in the PR is that big a price to pay for tighter security.

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