rules for the game The Eternal Second Beta.

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1. facelessghost,

Good day to all!
And all with the coming spring!
Can you please tell me when the rules will be published for The Eternal Second [Beta]?
I understand that the game is still in testing, but the rules are much more interesting to play!
Please post the rules for this game at least in English and French versions.
Thanks in advance for your reply !!!

2. Nikola,

While the rules are never officially written as this was the game invented by the developer himself as a joke on april 1st, here's a short summary:

Hope I got everything right, and if not somebody can always clarify but this is as far as I remember.

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3. BattyVegasTeresa,

Thanks for posting; this is a fun game! I couldn't figure out whether the lowest or highest score wins. Now I know. One more confusing thing though: why is the default score 1? Does that mean this game isn't really actually playable?

4. Nikola,

Glad I could help. The game is fully playable, you can just choose a different score. Anything from 2 to 100 will limit the game on the number of rounds, while typing 100 and upwards will set the number of points for the game.

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5. BattyVegasTeresa,

Thank you, nikola, very much appreciated! I have a table saved and will definitely try it again soon. :)

6. unolover,

how do u play that

7. RedHawk,

Just a little correction, from what I gathered if suits are different, first one is the strongest and the rest are equal, so if everyone plays something different than the first suit, number is going to be the determining factor.

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