please make a shortcut for available contacts

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1. mostafamahmoud310,

if i want play a game and i want to invite some one to play with me i want shortcut for only available contacts no bissy or appsent contact, only available contacts

2. Everyone,

The problem is that from what i understand, absent doesn't always mean the person isn't at the keyboard, it just means they haven't been actively using the playroom window or talking or whatever. So you might end up missing someone who is available to play but is doing something in another window and thus appears as absent.

3. mostafamahmoud310,

i want available contact to invite 1 or 2 player, if i invite for busy contacts and them not answer i well create a new table to invite other people

4. YNWA,

Can someone explaine the logic to me that people can send you invites when you cannot send them a message back? I would like an option where people can only send you invites where you can send them a text message back.

5. Nikola,

Can somebody explain the logic of posting this in a completely unrelated topic? Thanks.

6. YNWA,

He is referencing invites?

7. Dayan,

What would you say in the message anyway? Sorry but I can't go or something? Though an invitation refusing option could be good too, I believe. Anyway, here the topic is another one, it won't damage anyone if we had the ability to see the online or absent contacts only, of course, if we want it to be so.

8. YNWA,

It is strange logic where you can invite someone to a game but you can prevent that person from chatting to you in private, that is not what the PR is about as the PR is supposed to be a social network. but can be come an antisocial network. If you need to block a person then fine, if you want to chat to people who are your friends then that is fine too but it is a weird logic if you prevent people who are not on your friends list from chatting to you but you invite that person to play a game! I feel that if people wish to invite non friends to games then they should be able to chat to that person in private. If you want to prevent me from chatting to you then you should not be sending invites, people should not have their cake and eat it. Perhaps I should block people that send out these random invites as I am unable to speak to them!

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9. Nikola,

You just don't need to reply to everybody who sends an invitation to you. If you cannot chat with them, you simply wont join and they will know you do not want to accept the invitation. The topic talks about the friends list, mentioning invitations as an example.

10. Everyone,

Did you know the Dutch word for socket is stopcontact? This is totally related because the original post was related to contacts. Or at least, just about as related to contacts as the original post was to not being able to message people when they send you invites.
Going back to the matter at hand, I'm not entirely sure I understand your post. Are you saying part of your problem is that you can't invite more than 4 people at once, so that is why you only want available contacts? You can circumvent this by saving and restoring the table. Not a very elegant way of doing it I suppose, but certainly effective.

11. YNWA,

There was a correlation between the two points as we have randoms in the PR that just invite for invites sake and that is why Aminiel made his limit for invites. People just don't communicate with others, they just invite and if that don't work they just create another table, offen I have joined a table to find that someone who invited has left that table because they had run out of invites.

12. mostafamahmoud310,

in invitation u can't invite more then 4 player i want only available contacts no busy contacts to invite only 4 player easily

13. the-raven ,

but when you invite someone, you can see if the person is busy or not before inviting them. So if you don't want to invite busy people, you can avoid that by simply not inviting them. On the other hand, some people may want to be able to invite busy people, so I personally dont think it is a good idea to limit the possibility to invite people to only people being available .

14. Nikola,

He does not want invitations to be limited to available people. What he wants is a shortcut, or rather a filter to view only friends who are available.

15. the-raven ,

ah sorry my bad

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