making play for tutch systems

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1. mostafamahmoud310,

i want play room work at android by jisture, for example to move beetween game and history and chat and game by swibe lift or write, swibe up and down to move bettwenn game elimments, what's your openion in this idea in this case the play room should contain a screen reader

2. Nikola,

This isn't possible. At present, the Playroom works through the web client. Even if Aminiel was to make the Playroom self voicing and have it's own gestures, which is by the way a huge work involved, the swipe down gesture is used in browsers to refresh the page. Normally you can with TalkBack navigate by headings, then once you reach the history heading you can navigate through it, and once you want to go through the game elements again you navigate to the game heading and select the relevant action. This is as much as you can get on the Web, so unless Playroom was to get a native Android/IOS app it isn't possible. Aminiel already explained why he cannot develop for IOS/mac and that he does not own any Android devices.

3. Pran,

I agree too. Besides, the web client takes a lot of time

4. supanut2000,

I agree with the suggestion. I'd love to have Playroom available as an app for iOS, so that I can play games or chat with friends on the go.

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