Viewing table participants before joining:

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1. Darkwolf,

I'd like to propose a feature to the playroom which would enable players, especially those interested in joining a free table, to view the list of people presently in a table before joining in order to avoid awkward encounters with other players they have on their block list or are presently attempting to avoid.
At present, if the table has more than 4 players, the list indicates only the number of additional people without any names. For instance, free table with Darkwolf, Tarzan, Prince of Persia, Anastasia and 5 other people. If therefore, among the 5 other people is Terminator, whom the player viewing the table is attempting to avoid for any given reason, said player has no way of knowing that unless 1: They join the table in which case it may lead to a rather awkward situation in which the new member is compelled to stay after being greeted so as not to appear rude to those welcoming him/her, or 2: asking the table master or anyone else who's names they see who else is at the table, which is rather inconvenient, tedious, and may appear odd to the recipient of any such enquirey.
I would like to suggest therefore, a feature or keystroke which would display the names of all additional participants at the table which I believe would avoid such unnecessary awkward interractions.
In addition, another feature which would advise the new participant that a player who is presently on their block list is at the table, upon their request to join the table. For instance, should I attempt to join a table with Terminator who is presently on my block list, but is not the table master himself, I would be advised that he is currently at the table I am attempting to join, and then asked if I would stilllike to join the table regardless.
I do believe that this will eliminate any minor conflicts and or discomforts which tend to stem from such unfortunate circumstances, giving the players a more peaceful environment, and the moderators far less of such issues to deal with should problems arise from any such encounters in the future.
I do hope that the admins would strongly consider making these adjustments, and that it will not be too long before we are able to make use of them on this platform.
Many thanks.

2. Nikola,

Hello. First, I really like the nice way in which you wrote your post, wish more people on the forum were constructive like that. Now on to the actual question. You can already do this. It's not mentioned anywhere, but you can press the right arrow while being focused on such a table, and after that the item will change to display the full list of participants on the table. The second thing you mentioned is however not implemented as of now.

3. Darkwolf,

ah, I've never noticed the right arrow thing, thanks for that.
Usually it would repete the same thing as before then expand so I never thought to let it finish speaking since I didn't think to expect any additional information.
It would still be great to see that secondary feature though, however this I think does solve at least half the problem.

4. Everyone,

I am in full agreement with the second proposal. And I, likewise, never knew about the right arrow thing. That's great!

5. Ramon-Salazar,

I don't agree with the secondary feture and it's unnecessary

6. Darkwolf,

It's perfectly necessary, and can be set as a toggle in the options menu to have it on and off. That I think is fairly reasonable so people who don't want it then don't have to use it, and people who do want it can thus find it available to them.

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