Sore losers:

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1. Darkwolf,

I'm writing this message both as an appeal to fellow players and to admins alike. I'll start with the former.
To other players, kindly be advised that either starting a game table and waiting for someone to join, or inviting them to a table, only then to kick them out again when they best you in the game in question, shows a severe lack of playmanship and character. If you don't want to lose, ever, don't play at all. People will not want to play with a sore loser.
To the admins, though I cannot expect such people to be penalized for such behavior and understand that it is, or at least may not be against any current regulations of the platform, I would suggest flagging such players in order to inform others of their tendencies. This I think will benefit those of us who seek not to be frustrated over and over again by people who can't handle not always being the first to score on a multi user gaming platform.
I've kept full logs of two such instances with two different players whom I shall not be naming here or in the comments below. I strongly suggest the above mentioned flag, given of course that the report is backed by logs and it is clear that the person is doing such things to avoid losing over and over. It's annoying, childish, and I feel does not belong on a platform such as this.
Thank you.

2. YNWA,

Where would you draw the line?

Compile a log of all slow players?
Compile a log of players that can only play for 30 minutes?
Compile a log of players that Don't speak English?
Compile a log of players that don't chat?
Compile a log of people that keep pausing during games?
Compile a log of players who are not very good at a game?

Umm, very busy interesting for the helpers, I am sure they would enjoy all this work.

I think not a realistic idea.

Not always best to write when angry/frustrated and yes YNWA you should listen too!

3. Darkwolf,

I assure you that my message was not written in haste after a single instance. I have seen this over and over, many times from the same players who behave in this manner only when they're losing. For starters, if you aren't an English speaker I would think it ignorant at best to register as an English speaker. In case you weren't aware there are other languages you can choose from, which by the way appear as a flag next to your name when people look at the list of online players.
As for the argument that people can only play for a given time period, I would say that is understandable. Unless of course one goes straight to another table, of the same game no less, immedietly after leaving the table in question. That is of course unless you are the one forced out of the game. In either case, I would say that that cancels out at least two of your arguments listed above.
At the end of my original post I emphesised that it should be clear that the players in question are behaving in this manner to avoid losing, and that action against this behavior, or in light of it, should not be considered after but a single instance.
I request that you kindly read carefully before any further responces so as to avoid such misunderstandings in the future.
Thank you.

4. Nikola,

It's perfectly normal for non English speakers to register here. Otherwise, we would be limited to players from maybe 15 countries at most which would be quite sad. Anyways I don't really understand how that thing about speaking English is on topic here. I understand how frustrating this can be for you, however this really happens everywhere in online games. People like to rage quit, and there is not too much you can do except remember and not play with such people again unless they had a reason for that. I'm sure you find friends here quickly enough, and once you do this becomes a non issue as you have trusted people to play with and can eventually play public games too. Just remember that after all these games are just for fun and it should not be frustrating if somebody quits. Some people are just disrespectful like that.

5. Darkwolf,

I understand that perfectly, and have even stated in my original message that I cannot expect the administrators to take severe action on such players, nae it would be foolish of me to have such expectations. What I suggested was a flag to advise other players who may prove to be far more tempestuous than myself, so as to avoid gameplay with people who would not take kindly to being bested.

6. YNWA,

I was just giving a small list of things people may want to know about players as you suggested some others. Nobody likes bad loosers and I agree with you on that point but sadly you just learn from experience and find another player. The language barrier was an example because people may want to know who speaks their language or not and that can be for anybody even Jupitans if they exist! People may want a list of what games people know here, yes stats can help with that but it does not tell the true story. I am sure 100 lists could be compiled to help people and that was my point.

7. Everyone,

I'm pretty sure your point was much more than that. the last line of your message clearly shows that.

8. YNWA,

Language barriers will always be an issue and that is a factor and can cause misunderstandings.

If you like you can have a list of banned users too, people want to know whoo is more likely to cause problems. As I said you can requist a list for anything and that is why this is a bad idea.

9. Kotoamatsukami,

Russian game platform ontoys has an option to report a player when he leaves. After that admins check the history and in his stats you are able to see how many claims and sanctions he has, that might be a solution to not have hunderds of lists, but to be able to check if he has 5 or 55 claims.

10. Darkwolf,

YNWA, please read my posts carefully as I cannot think of any way to explain myself any further than I have already.
For starters, I asked not for a list but a flag, which would appear next to the person's name just as language flags such as EN ES FR IT etc appear next to people's names, flags which you seem to either be ignoring or missing entirely. It is such flags by the way, on which I commented that it would be moronic to have if you do not speak the language corresponding with said flag. If I do not speak Italian, having the IT flag next ot my name would not be the smartest of ideas.
Secondly, people leaving or kicking opponants out of games in which they are losing has nothing to do with language barriers. That in fact plays no part anywhere in the argument I've brougth up.
And lastly, I don't see why anyone would want or even require a list of banned users since said users cannot access the platform anyway, not that that too has anything to do with this discussion.

11. YNWA,

Every side has a different story and we don't know what their point of view is, they may dispute what you are saying for all we know. That would be another issue with your flagging system. What if people don't like a certain person and just accuse them of being "bad losers"

Many people in the PR are very good people and just enjoy chat, music and play games. Sadly there are a few idiots that spoil it. Sometimes we just have to put some bad games down to experience and don't play them again.

My point with list or flagging systems or whatever is people want other things from them. Now I think it was you who misread my article. You may want to know about people with disciplinary issues as they maybe troublemakers you may want to avoid.

12. Aminiel,


Block bad-behaving people or don't play again with them, that's all what you can do.
If they are smart enough, they will eventually ask themselves why they are always left alone.

Language barrier is a problem, but isn't related to bad losers.
In this case, it's just a bad excuse. Even if you don't speak english, if you were able to register and if you can understand how the games are going in order to play them, you can certainly learn a few basic words just to say sorry but I have to leave for whatever legitimate reason. At worst, Google translate exists.
So if you really want to be polite and respectful, nowadays, you always can.
What's the point for registrating if you already can't understand anything at this step ?

Adding some flags or any kind of rated reputation system may solve a few problems, but will for sure bring a serie of others.
It's very easy to unexpectedly fool such systems. It will indirectly probably encourage multi-accounts and other abuses that are much worse than just having from time to time someone who rage quit.

13. Darkwolf,

YNWA, that's why I stressed that such reports should be backed by logs and should not be acted upon after a single report but only if the behavior is repetative. Again. Please learn to analyse carefully or refrain from commenting as you are widely missing the point and I am getting a little tired of having to repete myself over and over.

14. YNWA,

I think Aminiel has said enough in his previous post and I can't agree more.

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