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1. YNWA,

The Quiz Party database is getting bigger and bigger as it is for all teams. I can't speak for other teams but I have found repeats even questions that I have added myself repeated more than once. When I find them or others do they are deleted as expected. The issue is searching for particular words. One example would be (James bond) If I search for james I get a list of all jameses even if I narrowed down the search to say the literature category you would still have many questions with the word james in. for example Henry James. If I search for just bond I would get things like Michael Bond If I search for (James Bond) I would get words with James or Bond In them. It would be good if I search for (James Bond) and got just James Bond.

I remember that Basket had a post about searching but I can't remember the contents but maybe they are linked as this option would be good for the forum too.



2. balasana ,

Agreed. Echoing your point, a search for a phrase bracketed in quotes would be handy in the forum as well.

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