A suggestion for presence statuses

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1. Nikola,

Hello everybody. Some people already made some suggestions about changing the status manually from available to absent, but I propose something different, and that is to add one new status. When somebody is suddenly disconnected, the Playroom should change their status to "lost connection". I suggest this because it often happens that people exchange private messages with one another, and it can happen that one of them is disconnected without you even realizing it and thus missing messages. Of course, eventually they tell you and you can just re sent messages, but in the worst case they could be disconnected on your first message and you would not know. It would be nice if the Playroom could add this status, and then once they reconnect it could be changed back to what it was before. Hope this can be taken into consideration and implemented in the future.

2. helleon,

Agree completely.

3. the-raven ,

Very good idea

4. Everyone,

Yes please.

5. Kotoamatsukami,

Yes please

6. majoz,

Maybe it'd be also a handy thing if playroom accumulated all the messages, at least the private ones, that you've missed due to your lost connection and send them to you once you're connected. What about that?

7. Nikola,

Yes, I would love this too, however I was not sure if that was actually possible without major redesigns, but it's definitely something to consider.

8. Darkwolf,

At the very least, the sender should be notified that the intended recipient has lost connection upon sending the message so that it can be sent via permanent message if it's important.
For instance, in a scenario where Nikola and myself are engaged in private conversation and I suddenly lose connection, Nicola should be alerted upon sending the next message, perhaps something along the lines of Warning: This player has been disconnected. Please try again in a few minutes or send them a permanent message.
That I believe would prove quite useful, and is not at all complicated to implament.

9. YNWA,

Many of us would like to be notified when a person has been disconnected. Some disconnections can happen immediately and others can take a while under the existing system. I am not sure how long it would take for this to happen but would not like millions of messages if someone goes on and off faster than a Antony Joshua punch!

10. Darkwolf,

hense my last message. That way you'd only be told about them having been disconnected when you try to send them a message and not the rest of the time you and they are both online.

11. Everyone,

That seems like a decent middle ground. I actually didn't want to post it because I thought that was part of the original message, but apparently I was too distracted to read properly. Oops!

12. YNWA,

that is true because if you don't hear from someone you would send a PM.

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13. deathdragon,

agreed with this idea. it would help me out a lot.

14. sound2,

Sounds useful. I like all these ideas.

15. Dayan,

The problem now is that sometimes playroom doesn't detect when someone lost connection, I have seen it a couple of times. If that could be fixed then I fully agree with all of your suggestions.

16. YNWA,

Yes that has been a big concern, you could wait for say 20 minutes before they disconnect fully and leave the PR. That is the main issue although the principle in all is good.

17. helleon,

You don't necessarily have to be notified, it could surely be made so that you see it when you go to the list of players' list by pressing ctrl-u/w.

18. tiny,

hi, yes this is perfect, also disabling people from sending messages or invitations would be great, considering that person is temporary offline! this nice changing seems to be easy to apply

19. Aminiel,


Connection failures are hard to detect right. It would be possible to add a special status for that case, but not seeing it won't ensure 100% that the person won't miss your PM.

In many cases, disconnections are only detected and reported by the playroom when someone actually tries to send something to the person or when something happens in the game.
IN other words, as long as you don't try to send a message to someone, you may not notice at all that his connection has failed.

This is even more frequently the case with 3G and 4G mobile connections, which are, as you know, sometimes quite capricious.

In return, the great advantage is that very short disconnections aren't even noticed by the system. This gives a certain impression of stability, compared to if you had to be warned of any temporary connection issue lasting for a few tenths of seconds.
We would be quickly spamed, believe me; especially with those same unstable 3G/4G connections.

Always remember that, basicly, Internet works like the post. The only way to make sure someone still exist is to send him a packet and wait for his response.
AFter a while without any response, you can retry a few times and finally assume that he has gone, but it isn't immediate and 100% full proof, without saying that the post sometimes lose packets, damage them or send them at the wrong place.

Thus, I'm afraid that such a feature wouldn't be of great help.
Remember that you can quickly resend a previous message by pressing up arrow.

20. Nikola,

Thanks. Yes, I do use the up arrow in such cases, but nevertheless glad you explained why sometimes disconnections are not detected as I wasn't sure if this is intentional or not.

21. The-Chaos,

hello, my suggestion would be to reconfigure the server in such a way as to ping each connected client with 32 bites of dummy packets every thirty seconds, and the client responding to the ping by sending back another ping of 32 bites of packets, if, suppose, the client fails to respond in a set time limit, say, 10 seconds, then the client's status should be set to disconnected. this also eliminates the spam problem due to minute millisecond disconnections as you described above. what do you think of this? if I've gotten something wrong, I'd be happy to be corrected, thanks.

22. Aminiel,

There already is a ping/pong like you describe, but only every other minute. I think it's enough.

23. The-Chaos,

did you actually understand what I am trying to say? no offence or anything, but please, let me know if you need some more explaination, thanks.

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