Add more on-screen controls for common game actions to the Windows client

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1. slannon,

Please consider adding more on-screen buttons for performing common game functions. For example, have buttons that can be clicked on to draw a card in Uno, roll dice in Monopoly, etc. The web client supports this, and it might make it easier for sighted people to
play with the downloaded Windows client. These buttons would be an alternative to using keyboard commands.

2. Aminiel,


It is already possible to bring a list of actions by pressing F2. If you have forgotten all the keyboard shortcuts, you should remember at least this one.

3. slannon,

This menu only shows actions for the table, not for playing the actual game. You may want to consider adding the game related tasks to the menu. If these are present somewhere and I'm just missing it, by all means correct me.

4. Nikola,

Hi. Aminiel probably didn't understand the exact menu you wanted, but for game actions you should press ctrl f9. This will hopefully include everything you need.

5. YNWA,

I think giving an example of what you would like to see may help Aminiel but generally what Nikola has said is true.

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