Suggestion regarding chess - piece moving

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1. Kotoamatsukami,

I noticed that it might be useful to have exact move description which is:
Vojvoda plays white rook from g1 to a1, instead of only landing square.

2. YNWA,

Sounds good.

3. tiny,

those all are not standard. for example, it should be something like, Rfg1. or, Ra1 depends on the situation

4. Kotoamatsukami,

What are you talking about?

5. tiny,

i mean registering is invalid too, if you save your game or export your moves on a pgn or something, you'll see that it's awfol and totally not standard, if you for example paste your game on winboard it just will show you an error containing the game is not valid or something but the problem is registering method is not standard

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6. Kotoamatsukami,

I am talking about something completely different here

7. tiny,

i know but wanted to mention that too

8. soundarya,

Yes the input format should be like rgb1, and what vojvoda says is also right, the output should come as rook from g1 to b1 because for example in many positions two same pieces can move to same square.

Look at the following opening: 1.d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 nf6 4. Bg5 Nbd7. Here well playroom won't mention that the knight which came to d7 is the one which is on b8. Of course in this position since the queen will be hanging on d8 it is obvious that its not the knight on f6 but in many situations both possible moves are equaly likely pluss the player should not be left to guess or to check the individual squares to know which square has been vacated. hence I agree that the innitial square should be written in case of ambiguity, and if it is not possible/easy to implement it in special situations then nothing wrong in implementing it for all situations. Its not much of an issue if the innitial square is announced in all moves.

9. Aminiel,


Thank you for this suggestion.

Regarding PGN, all the moves are written with full algebric notation rather than abbreviated. I'm surprised that other programs don't understand it.

When entering moves, I accept both full and abbreviated notations, but when exporthing I always write the full notation, so to make sure to avoid ambiguities. BY the way, when entering a move with abbreviated notation and when there are more than one possible moves, the one effectively executed is random. There is no warning to tell you that there are several possibilities.

Perhaps I'll take time to fix this some day, but I haven't yet because the playroom isn't a professional chess program, and I don't try to detect everything. That's also the reason why some forbidden moves are still allowed.

10. Aminiel,

The feature is almost implemented and will be ready for the next version. Starting squares will be announced when making a simple move, but not a capture or a special move such a castling.

11. Nikola,

In addition, can you please fix it so that our opponent does not need to accept the abandon request? If we abandon the game, there should be nothing for our opponents to accept.

12. tiny,

lol yeah that's right. when we resign in a game there should be no confirmation for our opponent to accept. but, let's take it easier, there are other things sometimes room hangs on some mate positions i don't have the example but i saw that several times. so by taking easier i mean admin is right, this is not just a chess program.

13. Kotoamatsukami,

Thanks Aminiel

14. tiny,

but just for mentioning more, if you decided to export your moves, you can before the last move, not after chekmate! i mean if you mate moves history disappears when it says the table is now open for new players, it would be better you could export your moves because sometimes suddenly before you know you mate. as far as i know clocks doesn't work too. but again, let's take easier :d

15. soundarya,

Hello, Thank you very much for the quick response.
I think the starting square should be announced in case of captures as ambiguity can occur.
In case of castling, Short castle or long castle, king side castling or queen side castling... should be enough to make it unambiguous.

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