a suggestion regarding copying a person's details

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1. The-Chaos,

hello, I would like to suggest adding a keystroke-preferably spacebar-that you can press in your friend's list, or connected people's list, to copy their said stuff to the clipboard. this would greatly make it easier for the jaws users to copy the information, as at present we need to enable touch cursor, go in review mode, select, copy, escape and then paste. quite a long process, don't yall think? :D NvdA users can simply press f12, how convenient. LOL.

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2. Nikola,

Don't you have speech history? I thought it was something like insert space, then h, and you can copy stuff from there as well. I do believe these things should ideally be a screen reader feature. Even in NVDA you can do it without the addon, copying of list items is possible by pressing numpad 5 3 times.

3. The-Chaos,

yes, I do have speech history. and using that still doesn't make it easier. like, insert+space, h, then copy from virtual review and paste.

4. YNWA,

contact Jaws and ask them to make things easier.

5. The-Chaos,

hi, your way, as it stands, is far tougher than mine is. what would be easier-wait for the said suggestions to be processed in 10000 days, and waiting for the update, or getting this feature implimented in pr itself in a span of few days?

6. Nikola,

It's not like you copy status messages evey 5 minutes so you need a single key to do it. That being said, I don't have anything against the suggestion in particular, however there probably are more important things to implement. I don't think pressing a few shortcuts is that hard. I'm quite surprised that a payed product cannot copy list items with a single shortcut.
Edit> Also a suggestion, could you make the topic name shorter? Something like a suggestion regarding copying friend details would be fine, since it makes it hard to see if somebody posted to it from the client.

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7. Aminiel,


Don't Ctrl+Space solve your problem ?

Otherwise, thank you for the suggestion, but it isn't a very urgent feature and would anyway need an update of the client.

8. AlirezaNosrati,

just install nvda my bro.

9. The-Chaos,

ctrl+space doesn't copy the person's details.

10. Nikola,

If you could make something like the space bar outputting the details into the history buffer, then yes, ctrl space could work. That is, you focus a friend in the list, press a key like space as suggested here, and the focused item is placed into the history buffer, then you can use ctrl space to copy the info.

11. helleon,

Sorry guys, can someone explain to me why this is uesful or even necessary as a feature?

12. Nikola,

Basically, sometimes people copy other statuses to show on a table or in general to send to somebody. With NVDA, either you press f12 with the clip copy / speech history addon to copy the entire item, or without the addon numpad 5 three times. With Jaws, you have to either use the speech history or one of the cursors to copy the item, so the original post proposed a hotkey to do this natively on the Playroom.

13. Aminiel,

Ah, OK, I better understand the request now.

It could be interesting, but it will anyway need an update of the client if you want something generally working and not just for a few specific menus. Therefore that's not for tomorrow, if ever I implement that possibility.
. I'll try to keep it in mind though.

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