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1. the-raven ,

It would be great to be able to check what each player has bid duringg the game. For example, if you join and somebody has already bid for you, you'd like to know how many tricks you are supposed to take. You'd also like to know, if anyone went for nill.

2. dave,

I would like to see this implamented .

3. Aminiel,

You can check this kind of information with the V key.

4. tiny,

and you should get all the informations including your question in the rules page so after creating the game table press ctrl f1 will help.

5. Kotoamatsukami,

No Aminiel, if I play with stupid bot I cant check how many did I bid, and how many did stupid bot, you can only see our bid together. For example I put 3 and stupid bot 4, you can't check that vojvoda wrote 3 and Stupid bot 4, you only see information which shows Vojvoda and stupid bot: 0 tricks taken out of 7 bid.
I suggest that if you press shift V or shift I you are able to see each person's bid separately

6. Aminiel,

Except with 0 bids, tricks are counted for the entire team and it doesn't matter who effectively took them. So the information isn't very useful.

And for the 0 bid special case, unless you have Alzheimer, you know who bid 0 between you and your parthner, right?

7. the-raven ,

not necessarily. If you join in the middle of a round and the people you play with for example dont speak English, you have no way of knowing if someone bid 0 or not.

8. YNWA,

I agree with the Raven fully, If you go through many topics here you will see lack of communication is an issue for players and helpers at times. What may be easy on the French side may not be so easy on the English side. Some speak no English at all, some speak little English, some are learning English and improving and some speak excellent English. I think you have to bear this in mind and make things idiot proof if you like in the future.

9. Kotoamatsukami,

For people who are all the time on the table yes you are probably right, but if my stupid bots gets replaced in the middle of the round with new comer Raven, she won't know how many tricks he bid or if I went for 0, also she won't know if someone from the opposite team went for 0. She could ask people on the table yes, but because she speaks english, there are a lot of spades players who can't say a word in english, one of good examples is reis80, he is pretty good player but doesn't speak english at all, and he isn't able to ask anyone on the table if someone went for 0, or how many tricks someone wrote.
Anyways even if english speaker joins it would make the process faster to check how many tricks everyone wrote.
p.s. this feature would be also good for spectators

10. Purebeat,

For goodness sake, a bit of maths. You have 7 bids together. You took 3 so what could the other mate take? Ooooo, wonder, 3+4=7!

11. the-raven ,

well, sorry, of course if you know what 2 people (1 for each team) bid, no problem, because then you can count, but that is not what we are talking about here.

12. Kotoamatsukami,

Albus if you are new at the table
and you see total of 7 tricks you don't know if the person before you bid 2 tricks and your teammate 5, or he put 2 and you 5, or he put 1 and you 6 etc, I hope you don't take me as so stupid person :D

13. Purebeat,

Ah right, am sorry, didn't think about that, for me it was natural like if you take the tricks then you could count yout mates' too, but true though, if you get replaced or anything it's harder...

14. YNWA,

It is assumed only one person is getting replaced and it is a 4 player game, it is possible a six player game and more than one person could join the table at once.

15. RedHawk,

This feature especially would be useful in games with 6 players. 3 or sometimes up to 4 people betting nil is not too unusual in these games, and even though we are all in Skype we're often having to ask to not make any fatal mistakes before playing.

16. policeman1,

all of u complainers must not know how to play spade. The partner should told how many their bid then you figure the rest. Its like eatting peace of cake. Do not make it to difficult for the programmers. There is other major projects need been taken care of before I arrest all!.

17. YNWA,

Policeman1 if the police do something wrong in the UK they are refered to the Police complaints committee and I think we should do the same to you, lol ahahahah!

18. Kotoamatsukami,

It is exactly the same if you would tell to police don't arrest people who steal, you've got terrorists to take down first.

19. the-raven ,

disagree police. aAs a lot of us already have stated, there are situations where you wont know how much anyone have bid

20. helleon,

The Department for Public Prosecutions have refrained from commenting.

21. sopralto,

If you are replaced, you need to know how many each person bid so that you take the right amount of tricks and also so that you don't take bags. It would be also be good to know who has bid 0 as people have already stated, some people don't speak english and you have no way of knowing. I play spades on another site and the information will read, for example: Sopralto and Cristina, 3 tricks taken out of 5 bid. Sopralto: 0 tricks taken out of 0 bid.

22. policeman1,

Its like eatting a peace of cake. All can sign up for spade training before I arrest all!.

23. YNWA,

Thanks doug

24. the-raven ,

lol :)

25. garden-lady,

I agree and have suggested this over a year ago. Yes, you can check with v key but it takes away from concentration to calculate. Another site uses numbers 1-4 for each player, and you can go back and check. It is updated each time player takes a trick so you can keep track during game, very useful for avoiding bags or stopping others from getting their bids. Could this be done here?

26. the-raven ,

wow sounds like a good idea too.

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