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1. IndonesianGamer,

hello, I have a suggestion here. add Indonesian language. thanks advance

2. Nikola,

Sadly, it's not as easy as just adding it. You have to form a team of translators, a team of helpers, contact the administrators, hope that they are in a good mood and perhaps then, you can start working on it.

3. tiny,

even they didn't some work on germany language! so let's attention to this point first.

4. Nikola,

They don't do the work on other languages, so as soon as it's added it's the responsibility of a given translator and should not prevent other languages from being added. Even if said language is incomplete that is not the fault of administrators.

5. tiny,

cool. so i think it's not bad to call for it and if anybody didn't want to do some work on it, removing that language is better. in other languages there are some games that didn't translate. so i don't blame admins, but volunteers.

6. Nikola,

I would not remove the entire language just because some games are not translated. After all, each translator is a volunteer and you cannot expect proffessional translations. In the future once the translator has some time, probably other games will be translated. After all, there was once a topic on here by a German translator asking for feedback and nobody responded.

7. YNWA,

You don't know the circumstances of the volunteer. Some are in work, some in education, some have a change in family circumstances and some believe it or not get ill. What I would suggest though is people who do help out as helpers, translators etc have a 4 week trial, during that trial their name does not enter the official staff list. If you like it becomes a chance for them to see what the work is about and for the powers that be to get a look at them to see what they can do. If everybody is happy then they become official staff members.

8. Nikola,

It does sound good in theory, however what would this trial involve? More or less main administrators cannot know what for example Spanish or Italian helpers do since they do not speak those languages. If you want it based on community opinions then there will always be people who are not happy no matter how perfect helpers or admins are chosen. As soon as somebody gets banned they are automatically not happy with helpers no matter if the ban is justified or no.

9. YNWA,

When you start work you are given a trial and that usually is a month (28 days) it allows both parties to take a look at each other. Volunteers may sign up to something and not realise the work involved or something different is expected of them. It allows both parties the chance to quit without the whole of the PR knowing about it.

Imagine Nikola you agree to volunteer for something and you are put on a staff list immediately and have changed your mind for some good reason so you are taken off the staff list. Some people may be asking questions when you may only want your friends to know about it. I think this will help people and give people a chance and still get some privacy.

I don't know for sure but maybe more people would put themselves forward to volunteer if they got to look at what was required of them first before they signed up properly.

What my suggestion means in reality is Staff don't put people on any official list for the first month to give everybody a chance to see what each other is like. I think people would agree that if you don't know what people are like after 28 days you never will.

10. Nikola,

Simply for something like the Playroom, such a thing will not work. How can you be a translator for a month, translate half of the things and then just leave? As a helper, you are potentially leaving the server unmoderated and that's not good at all. In fact, people leaving is the exact problem. The job needs to be taken by people who are serious and who wont leave. Both the jobs of a translator and a helper are described quite well, so I think you know what you are signing up for.

11. YNWA,

You put the trial in for existing teams who wish to attract new people. After all there is no point having it for existing people who have been working here for years.

If you create a new team from scratch it would be crazy having them all leave after the first month However, one or two members may not think this type of work is for them and that is where the trial is good. You cannot assume that everybody who puts themselves forward for translation will stay for the first two years for example.

12. Nikola,

In fact, this is precisely why Aminiel wants multiple people. If somebody leaves the server will not be alone. What annoys me more is that new translations cannot be started from English only because he thinks his English is not good enough, while that is not the case at all and he wrote a few quite excellent things in English, so he should really give it a try at some point. Especially if somebody is a long time Playroom user since they will be aware of any errors on the English side. I am personally aware of quite a few, and know what to edit accordingly. Considering that the majority uses the English playroom it cannot be that bad after all. A few minor mistakes can always later be fixed if they are found. I'd say that the English side at this point has only minor mistakes, for example not listing the number keys for spectators in the f1 chess message and I cannot think of anything else off the top of my head at the moment, but things of that nature.

13. YNWA,

You are stretching a few points Nikola, lol. People use the English part of the playroom because they want to play games and don't have it in their own language. Even I have played in the Russian part because Snowflake had a friend who spoke Russian and wanted to know how to play some of the games. I didn't know what it was saying but was able to play some games. A number of us played some games of Quiz Party on the french part even though we didn't have a clue as I am sure many do now in the English section.

I can see why Aminiel wants an original copy from the French translation as you should get fewer mistakes. I do agree that in later games Aminiel's English has improved and with some help Citadels is much better. I also understand that extending the PR language family can have its issues as it has in the past.

14. Nikola,

So, by this logic most people who play on here do not speak English very well? Yes, there are such people, however the majority posting on this forum would not be able to play if English playroom had major mistakes. It is not just recent games, as I said I do not recall any mistakes right now, and we do not count spelling mistakes here because you cannot transmit those into your language when making a translation. I mean mistakes where information could potentially be lost like the chess example I brought up earlier. So while yes, English is the default for anybody who does not have a translation in their own language, to be able to play you still must understand some things even if just the basics. QP is a totally different story, we did play it but not daily and not all the time. Most of us tried it a few times to see how it works, and I know for myself I used online translation and did not just play randomly.

15. Giovani,

This idea is cool.
Indonesian language and Malay are this same language, but I don't know, how It is with new languages.
I've heard, that You must know French. It is strange, because author is not from France, but from Switzerland, where is also French language.
But It'll be to get this on mind, that most people speaks English, not French in our world.

16. YNWA,

I agree that the PR should be localised more as that makes more sense as some sayings will not work so well when translated or some categories in Quiz party don't work so well in other sections of the PR but sadly that is how it is. I don't se making translations in to languages when one man and his dog will only use that section of the PR most of the time.

17. Nikola,

It's actually relatively easy to see how popular a given language will be, considering that the Playroomm has statistics for each country. I think that's also important when considering new languages. That being said, it is not the only thing to consider. Obviously, when a game is translated into a new language, it will gain a bunch of new users who could not play the game before, and it will also gain promotion in general in that country, so the number of users will increase.

18. YNWA,

true it will gain more users from that country but it does not mean that all users from their country will play because their circle of friends in the PR may not speak their language.

19. Nikola,

That does not matter. You can play just fine on multiple servers, you are not limited to one language. When let's say your friends from the English server invite you you can join just fine, after all switching languages here is really easy.

20. helleon,

Guys, just take a look at the numbers of people on some of the already created service. The German server rarely has a single person on it

21. Nikola,

And why base it on German and not Spanish or Italian, which both have pretty strong communities?

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