Improving the functionality of the forum on the site QuentinC's Gameroom.

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1. facelessghost,

There are some suggestions that could improve the functionality of the forum.
here they are:

  1. Add features to messages.
  2. I really want to be able to create polls, and get statistics on polls.
    By the way for you, dear management of the room, this will also help in many ways.
    and it can also help to get interesting opinions and feedback on the topic you need.
  3. Tags, links, emoticons.
  4. It lacks such features.
    You have a fairly serious forum, and sometimes the transfer of links and emoticons could better convey the mood.
    by the way links, and other opportunities for forum messages could diversify messages sent by participants.
    it is more convenient to send the link as a link, so as not to see its text part.
  5. Closing the topic!
  6. A very good feature that allows you to close the topic after receiving the necessary answers without deleting it.
    Only administrators and moderators can write in it after closing.
  7. search the forum.
  8. very useful to those who want to find the answer to his question.
    a search for topics would reportedly help the participants.
    instead of writing to the forum, the participant searched for topics, messages, or the entire forum, simply by writing a short question in the search.
    and on this result came the necessary topics.
    or tournaments in the game 1000.
    Thank you all for the answers!
    This is my personal opinion, and I do not want to offend anyone!

2. Nikola,

For the item number 2, you can already create such links. To do this, place the text of the link inside quotes, and the URL between parentheses. For example, visit our awesome site
however, for this to display correctly you must access the forum from the website and not the Windows client.
For search, you can do this on the site, by choosing the search link from the menu, and selecting forum from the search in combo box. The search is not very accurate however.
For emoticons, you can write them as well, just the Windows client has some kind of bug where if you write unicode characters in input dialogs they are not sent correctly, even though it works fine if you write them in chat. On the site however everything should work normally.

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3. Aminiel,


I have always been against polls inside forums. I find that it rarely brings something useful.
I'm pretty sure that 99.9% of the time, it would be used for stupid things anyway... at the end it will be more or less like spam.

For the rest, Nikola has already answered.
The search engine is effectively quite bad, perhaps one day I will have the time and courage to improve it, but it isn't a priority at all.

4. facelessghost,

Okay, so be it!
But you should agree that if the topic is solved, it is always useful to click the "close topic" button!
And then, when you activate this function, the topic changed its status to resolved!
by the way!
and you don't have to close the subject manually, delete it and so on.

5. Nikola,

Yes, that I do agree about. Allow the topic creator to close his topic. If needed, in special cases, admins or helpers can always re open it, but normally especially with suggestions or bug reports it will prevent useless posts, which happen either due to spam or people simply wanting to post something.

6. StormProductions,

Agreed with letting the creator close their topic

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