multiple game table invatations

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1. Mistressbella666,

So, I was in the main room waiting for a game invite from a specific friend who always plays at a private table. While waiting for this invite I got several more invites from a couple other friends. So I would like to suggest that there somehow be a list of invatations so that one can choose specifically what friend table they want to join at that moment instead of having it just throw you into the last game you were invited to. I hope this suggestion makes sense. I'm not sure if it's already been put out there yet.

2. Koo_Loo_Cheh,

Good suggestion, I also got more than one invitation at the same time, and I joined to an incorrect table because of this misunderstanding, so I missed the first table I was invited to in.

3. godfather,

i agree. the same has occured with me on multiple ocassions. another thing that i would like to suggest is, a automatic join system be impimented. say i know my friend ould be enterring the playroom in 10 minutes. In case something happens such as my connectin connection dropping, i can add him to the "to-be-invited" list or something like that so as soon as he enters, he is automatically invited. an automatic table master switch is also something that i'd like. Suppose i am the table master, and i turn this on, then if i'm continuously absent for say 10 minutes straight, the mastership will be handed over automatically to the next player, just like it is when the master leaves the table. However, it might be wise for the enicial master to have the powers to reclaim his mastership once he returns, though i dont really find it quite as necessary.

4. tiny,

this has been suggested a few times before, still no solution

5. deathdragon,

i would also like to see this feature added, as the same has happened to me. many times.

6. facelessghost,

Hey, everybody!
However, this function is useful!
Sometimes you can't join the table after the invitation, and selecting the right invitation from the list and activating it with the key will solve this problem.

7. sopralto,

Yep this has also happpened to me.

8. YNWA,

Agreed it needs to change as it can be embarrassing accepting an invite to a game you have no intention of playing just because more than one came at once. As this is a social PR it is not nice having to tell people you are going to leave their table when they believe you have accepted their invitation in good faith. It is like being given a glass of wine only to find out it is apple juice once you have had a couple of mouthfuls.

9. godfather,

@YNWA +1

10. YNWA,

you should change to coddfather, sounds better

11. Mistressbella666,

Hopefully the creators here will take our suggestions into consideration and realize how useful this could be.

12. Aminiel,


Currently, when you get a new invitation, the old one is thrown out. I realise now with your messages that it isn't the best idea.

The suggestion had already been raised several times, but I didn't think it was a so big issue.
I originally didn't think about people who send random invitations, nor on those who had that much success to receive several invitations in a row, nor on the fact that you may be invited without being asked by message first.
Incidentally, random invitation is one of the reasons why I almost always stay invisible...

I will try to keep this in mind for a next update.

13. YNWA,

That sound's great, so thanks.

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14. sopralto,

Thank you.

15. StormProductions,

Good idea. Hope it gets implemented.

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