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1. mhr91358,

ameneal, why don't you make a special topic on audiogames, to promote play room and what is going on, and to answer people's questions, this will let more people to know play room

2. YNWA,

How did you join the PR? Most I guess would say that a friend told them about the PR and that was the same for me or at least a couple of them did, so word of mouth usually is the best form of advertising.

Advertising is another area but that is not so easy to do as well as costs it is not so easy to target a particula group when people from so many countries come here to play.

I am more interested in card games or games that make you think a bit so computer games/audio games do not interest me, it could be the same for many that play audio games.

I am aware of a gaming website but forget which one that Aminiel does promote the PR and has answered questions like he will here about the PR and its issues so he does promote the PR on other websites.

3. Everyone,

I'm pretty sure the AGH forum already knows of the existence of playroom. So unless there's some big event, its probably not very useful to post it there even more. Also, you talk of what's going on... What exactly is going on?

4. deathdragon,

i would also want to know what is going on. as far as i know, there are no knew games, teraments, or otherwise. so, what exactlly is going on here?

5. YNWA,

Are you a shareholder?

Tournaments: If you want one then host one.

6. deathdragon,

no. i was just asking what exactlly was so important to post on the foram of Since layroom topics are already on there, I would just want to know what would make it so important?

7. YNWA,

ok, but your what's going on exactly here was confusing as here would be PR.

8. sound2,

Think I found out about the playroom through zonebbs. Don't really look at

9. Aminiel,


Of course that knows about the playroom. Look by yourself, there's an entry.

I have created a topic when the English version has been released. Unless breaking news, I don't see why I should post something there again.

Such breaking news could be the client v3, a mac or iOS client, or a new game completely different from what currently exists. For regular updates or new games that stay on general playroom's line, it is probably unnecessary.
For example I posted something about Citadels when it has been released, not on but a few other comparable places.

Many developers use their topic to keep people updated because they don't have their own website, forum, or mean to post news. For relatively small projects, it's perfectly OK; it's sufficient to have news, suggestions and questions all in the same place. When you are a little bigger, it becomes anyway unmanageable, so you create your own space.

I still go from time to time on, because I play audiogames myself and also to stay generally tuned. When there's a question about the playroom, I answer, but at the same time encourage to come it directly here.

Remember that is in fact very extremely generic, and more ment to be a kind of hub: a place where you go to watch what's happening, or when you don't know or are unsure where to go.

Now, more generally, if you want to promote the playroom anywhere, feel free to do it. Watch out the rules of the place where you are posting though.

While the general number of users doesn't progress a lot since a few years, I don't feel necessary to put more efforts in promotion more than I currently do.
As already said, very early in the playroom's story, most of the players have been told by other players, and it is probably sufficient at the moment.

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10. YNWA,

There is not much that could be done other than an audio demo of the PR that could be put on the website although having one for each language would be an issue. People could then send that clip to friends/hblind organisations who know very little about the PR.

11. mhr91358,

where is this audio, interested to hear it

12. YNWA,

I said it would have to be created, I know of one user that did make one promoting the PR and she did a good job. The best way as I said is word of mouth where someone tells a friend and they tell a friend. Also the users can improve their image so if new players come here they are more likely to stay because of a good experience and not one of a bad experience.

13. Nikola,

Considering that it is one of the most, if not the most popular platform out there for blind people, I don't see what more promotion does it need.

14. YNWA,

Hardly anybody in the UK know of the playroom for example. If you asked the RNIB or other leading blind organisations what online games for blind people are available they would not know. I would suggest that would be the same in most countries. I have spoken to other organisations and they were not aware of the PR in the UK or of other useful organisations that could improve the lives of blind people even if that was only in a small way.

15. Nikola,

That is okay. In most cases, as soon as you start playing audio games, you will look for other games you can play as well, and will eventually find the Playroom. I came to the PR after RS games, and in Serbia audio games are even less promoted. Now that you have Internet you generally don't need organisations to tell you about the Playroom.

16. YNWA,

I don't agree because people could be newly blind or have other disabilities making them less aware of what is available, others may not have the knowhow about where to find this kind of info believe it or not, one size does not fit all.

17. deathdragon,

Well, as i'm from kenya, i can safely say that i'm the only blind person from kenya playing online audio games. it's a shame really, and most blind people have computers, they just don't look for audio games.

18. Kotoamatsukami,

What is wrong if people rather go outside than play audiogames? Why is it shame? Not to mention that you're limited on talking only to visually impaired people. And also playroom is an online game, providing cards, boards and dice games, people might be rather playing different type of games, such as Manamon, A hero's call, Super Liam or whatever brings cool sound design, story or gameplay. If you are searching for any type of games, then just type in Google games for the blind, and you will find a lot of stuff if you're interested, if you are so bad with computers, then you won't be able to play farkle even.

19. YNWA,

Many sighted people or parents are not aware of computer games for the blind or how they work. I would even go as far as to say many are not aware of how the internet works properly. Not everybody was born after the start of the internet age.

20. deathdragon,

that is true. i know, because i've visited many blind schools they have no idea about audio games. i just wish they could meet other people from around the world, who like them, are blind.

21. helleon,

You'd be very surprised how few organisations know about Playroom and games for the blind on Windows in general, here in Ireland anyway. A lot of the Irish blind people rely on these organisations for advice on sites etc, so would not find out about it. There's also the fact that the Playroom is not tagged very well on Google IMHO. When you do a search for 'games for the blind' for example, I recall seeing that the PR was not on the first page of results at all, in spite of being one of the biggest sites in the world. People have often left this site over the years, as well, due to spamming and drama. And once someone leaves, it's damn hard to get them back.

22. Kotoamatsukami,

Playroom has more than 17K users registered, which is more than enough, Aminiel even said everything what has to be said. Me and Aminiel are from Switzerland and here in the german part, noone knows about this platform. I suggested to a few friends of mine who were interested to play chess online, I'm not even sure if they registered. As I said if you really need such gaming platform you will find it, if not then not. Life is interesting.

23. HVACSalesman,

Let's all of us do a paid Facebook ad in our own area. That'll surely result in more traffic.

I'm kidding...

24. Everyone,

Perhaps we should all just decide for ourselves whether or not we want to spread the word further. Nobody's forcing you to contact your country's blind organization, but if someone else wants to, I don't see why anyone would want to make a big deal out of it.

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