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1. Shewolf ,

Hello. Admins please do something with this abdul rahman, it is really bothering how he is chasing people. Still he creates new account, I had in blocklist already two his names and now is here with his thirth one. At first it was albert marina, then feliciano, and now adolph jonson. It is really driving me crazy...

2. adolph-jonson,

I'm not Him, and I don't know Him

3. aminelog25,

Let the admins say if you are him or not. even if this abdu creates 1000000 account and change his name etc, his personality will never change. He always say, Hi. how are you? where are you from? also he says you are stupid and shut up so much. and I find this anoying, siriously. I hope admins will do something about it. thanks. greetings.

4. sound2,

From what I've heard it's difficult to ban him. Whoever wants to ban him, can't track his ISP down.

5. soundarya,

yeah he complicates things with vpn i think.

6. Unarmed-Ivette,

Ignore him if possible, ban him from your table if necessary... Have fun when you're in da mood. He's not a spammer worth deserving your attention anyways. :D That's what I think. You're such a boring spammer periot.

7. aminelog25,

but some times the master of the table is away, so we have to leave the table, anyway I don't care about him so much. I just don't reply to him. sadly there is no way to mute others here. think I'll suggest that :D

8. adolph-jonson,


>*He always say, Hi. how are you? where are you from?

these are Normal Questions

I'm not Abdul, I don't know this Guy and I didn't met Him

I'm very New to The QuentinC's Gameroom, I registered before 1 day ago

9. each-and-everythinh ,

omg guys , i have to say some things: This will turn in to the exact same drama playroom had when the first topic about abdul was created and that isn't really needed , you can easily block and ignore him , and also if you feel that's really necessary , aminiel already explained that you should report abuses privately eg , using f4 , sending history reports etc... And also , it's true that he created many accounts , but you can easily recognise and block him.

10. Unarmed-Ivette,

Yep, agree with Grobar. It'S the best you can do. Don't feed the troll. He does not deserve, really.

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11. basket,

We have a game you see. It is, who ever can ban abdulrahman first. this is a very active game with activity ranging from 10 to 15 days, each day at times. Rest assured folks, we are getting rid of them as soon as we see them. I have coined it, extermination.

12. each-and-everythinh ,

and whoever said that admins do not bann him , yes , they do , whenever they see him , they bann him.

13. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Admins are dealing with Abdulrahman perfectly.
Especially when I watch him is being banned infront of me at a free table.

14. each-and-everythinh ,

i like a lot when there is a message which is completely offtopic

15. Vojvoda,

So is it friend life is hard

16. Shewolf ,

Ya, we can ban or what ever, but he still creates new names and when i hear these his semicolons in the writting, those tipical think like and you: what is your name: Shewolf? Noone doesn't writes sentence with semicolons, he is too readable. Or, every his spamm say, soon i'll travel to some country, or he askes whether someone was in his country already. And still still, but really still chases people. I leave, he goes for me. When i ban, he invites me five times and when i want to send a pm, it is not possible. Then i need to block and after some two weeks or even shorter is here from another name. Is this normal, to fill bklacklist with too unimportant person?

17. dalimidvecimidvenedali,

Eeee, guys, Abdul Rahmaninovič Rahmaninov is anoying like diarheha in the bus, but as many people before said: here are a few posibilities: Ignore or troll or mixing ignoring and trolling him, as i do... :D

18. Sajad-Aliraqi,

He is just liar. If he really can travel to somewhere and take me with him, I'll abuse with him too LOL. Noo.

19. soundarya,

Sometimes honestly its funny to chat with him but when you dont have the mood it sucks.
And I know admins are perfectly dealing with him, so many of his accounts aren't seen anymore.

But it still sucks, as someone pointed out when the table master is absent.

20. sound2,

As others have said the best thing is to do is either ignore, or just fool around with him. Really annoy him, give him a taste of his own medicine. That's the only thing one can do, abdull is here to stay if he finds away.

21. soundarya,

But as I said, its not always easy to ignore. sometimes you completely want him off of the table. which is not easy if the master is absent.

22. Cristina,

There it would be a way to get rid of this issue.
Abdurahman, you should simply create an account and telling to everyone that it's your, then to apologize for all annoying things what you've done and try to be nice, maybe so you will get friends and nobody will want to kick, report or even ban you.
It's absolutely useless to tell always that those accounts were not your's as long as all people know what's the truth.
So, my advice is to try to be nice and honest, then I am sure that you will get many friends.
Regards, Cristina, smile

23. soundarya,

I completely agree that this is the nicest solution possible though I know it won't happen.

24. Cristina,

Let's hope that it will.
The hope is which dies the last. smile.

25. Dayan ,

I told him many times to do so but he's not listening :( abdulrahman, just return and be yourself. all of us or most of us will accept you the way you are. just be yourself please.

26. Cristina,

Maybe you should have told him in spanish Diana :D
we know already that Abdurahman is able to speak many languages, as long as he pretended to be jew, american, canadian and so on when he had all those accounts. smile

27. Saniel_Morse,

Naa, are you sure about it? He told me that he speaks yucatecan when in fact that language doesn't exist. We in mexico as you know, speak spanish as our first tongue, however there are aproximatelly 65 indigent languages in our country besides of spanish. The language which he means has a different name, but I don't want to feed his lies.

Best regards.

28. Cristina,

Ah, then it makes sense.
That's his native language and cause we are not able to speak it, he behaves like this. :D :D :D

29. Dayan ,

I'll try my best to speak arabic. :D

30. Cristina,

Ah, I meant that yucatecan is his native language and we are not able to speak that. :D :D :D

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