Now it's not posible to draw the cards after wild draw four

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1. out_and_about ,

Hello for everyone,
Yesterday i realized that we can not draw the four cards aafter playing the wild draw four, and before choosing the colour. I want to know if it was reported as a bug or somebody complained about that. The strategy was great in some situations! Why enable this option?

2. WindowEyes,

O yes, also drawing cards between rounds is no longer allowed

3. basket,

It was a bug that was being exploited. It's been addressed.

4. Raki,

Dunno, there's nothing rong with that bug tbh. How was it being exploited?

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5. Aminiel,

It wasn't a feature, it was a bug. I fixed it; a very long time after it appeared yes, but it has been fixed for good now.

6. Fawaz,

Used to draw between rounds especially if the round ended with some draws on me LOL.
and ya gr8 to see that using draw 4 to change the color bug fixed.

7. Adventure-Time,

It was quite interesting to take a look at the cards I got after someone finishing the round with attacking me with his draw four. It's a pity the bug got eliminated, although it wasn't really ment to be a feature. Hard to say goodbye to this. :D

8. WindowEyes,

Can you put this bug back, lol.

9. marina7,

lol in fact I've notice when you draw between the rounds you used to draw the last played cards not the cards you have drawn already.
so I would like to suggest something about this matter as well, when drawing at the end of the round with draw 4/draw 2 it is often so unrealistic. I suggest if it's possible to tell at the end of the round the player x drawed a blue skip, a blue reverse and gets 45 points and so on. thanks

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