Bug while sending history reports (web client)

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1. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, again, this is bugs and more things from the spanish side, episode # I don't recall. Hehe.
Well, some people have discovered the following statement while sending history reports either using a Mac or any other web supported device: I'll translate some words from a spanish helper:
The report is seemesly sent, but it doesn't get to us the helpers. Also, there's not any confirmation about that the report has been sent. The option to save the history into a file doesn't work either. I don't think it's implemented but it is displayed and people use it.

So basically, it's not possible for us regular users to send history reports, even I recall I've tried to send one from Firefox some time ago and effectively It hasn't worked.

Kind regards.

2. Aminiel,

Sending reports or saving history is currently not possible in the web client. It's a windows client only feature.

3. Saniel_Morse,

I have an idea for this: what if the storylines are copied and then sent to the admins, in case of history reports? Or does it need to use the boofers to filter certain content from others, I. E. chat messages from game events?
Now I can understand that saving is not possible because for some websites (specifically for Javascript) is better to leave it just like that, to avoid possible viruses or any other malware. I don't know the reason for Pr but that sounds quite logical.
Thanks for your reply!

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