(Solved) Bug to the friend list

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1. StormProductions,

Hello Aminiel and other readers of this topic.

Recently I have a little issue with the friend list. Even if my friend request list is empty, whenever I log in the playroom, it says that I have 1 unaccepted demand to add to the friend list.
What I want to know is, do you guys have the same issue or is that something going on with my account? Also, can anything fix it or it's Aminiel's help required in order to fix it?

Thank you and have a good day everyone.

2. Everyone,

by your friends list being empty, do you mean the received demands list is empty?

3. Muhammad_Hajjar,

/accept StormProductions then this will go. It seems you've sent yourself a friend request.

4. Vojvoda,

If not go on qcsalon.net and there open friend requests, once same bug happened with me. I could not se the request from client only from web.

5. StormProductions,

Thank you for all your help, guys. This has been solved by accepting my own request from the web.

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