Bug with Zanzibar or simply a mistake in the rules?

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1. Nikola,

Hi. There is something confusing in Zanzibar and I don't know if it is supposed to work like this. Quote from rules:
At strictly equivalent combination, the last player who played wins. In particular, a new 421 beats another 421, and a new 221 beats an older 221.
However, take a look at this history where this scenario is simulated:
The game is starting.
There are 21 tokens to pick.
It's Averell dalton's turn.
Averell dalton throws the dice: 6 5 2
Averell dalton throws the dice: 3 3 2
Averell dalton throws the dice: 4 3 3
It's your turn.
You throw the dice: 4 3 1
You keep 3 4 and rethrow 1.
You throw the dice: 4 3 3
You pick 1 tokens.
in this case, the newer 433 did not beat the older 433, and the same thing happens with any other combination like 421 or 221 as mentioned in the rules. So either you made a mistake when writing rules or the game has a bug.

2. helleon,

Agree with Nikola here. Although it is stated in the rules that a second of the same combination beats one that has already been thrown, this is not what happens during the game. As shown above, the first person to get the combination, assuming it is the best combination scored, wins that particular round of throwing.

3. Everyone,

yes, this has happened many times and is certainly a bug.

4. Aminiel,


Not always respecting the right order is a kown bug, existing since the launch of Zanzibar and not yet solved. Sorry.

5. Nikola,

I see, that is why it is still called a beta I guess. It should however be given some priority, as right now if somebody gets 421 there is no point in even trying anything.

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