uno speed for bots

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1. musiclover,

hi aminell i am fiending that the bots are to slow is there a way u could speed them up let me know if u can i am looking to sharpin my skills for uno
re gards musiclover

2. Everyone,

That first message already went through, u no that?

3. Vojvoda,

Don t bee meen Evryone

4. BhavyaShah,

Personally speaking, I do find the point raised to be quite valid and agreeable. Due to my recent prolonged absence on the Playroom, I have most likely missed the earlier message that musiclover had sent which everyone alluded to, but I was curious as to whether we heard any response from the concerned about the possibility of increasing the speed of UNO bots. Just wondering...

5. keyWasFull,

It would be nice if the speed was adjustable, like the way you can set the speed of the reversy bots. Easy would be like 10 seconds, medium 7 seconds, hard would be like 4 seconds and very hard would be like 2 seconds.

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