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1. Vojvoda,

Hello dear people,
We have new bots in playroom as you could notice.
I wanted to ask you all what is your favorite bot, and question to Aminiel why is he so inspired with all these ducks.
Btw my favorite bot is Tarzan, he reminds me of my friends. haha
Best Regards

2. AmineTrichine,

There is one in the french part, I'll translate the name. I think it was called flying trash can? That's my favorit.

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Stupid computer

4. Nikola,

Yeah but it's about new bots, i love computer minator and computerrifik, quite good names. And we have like 15 ducks lol.

5. Vojvoda,

Not only about new bots, I meant in general favorite bot.

6. Nikola,

My favorites definitely with no doupts are: orange duck, donald duck, mamy duck, grandma duck, yellow duck, Strow duck, green duck, daddy duck, sister duck, white duck, Porcelain duck, sir duck, blue duck and violet duck.

7. afrim,

My favourite, and definitely most competitive bot is Dr. Jackle.

8. Muhammad_Hajjar,

I really hate baby duck, he's so arrogant.

9. AmineTrichine,

Brother duck is the dumbest of them all. I have a bad history with him.

10. Vojvoda,

Nikola wasn't there grandpa duck?

11. Nikola,

Lol i probably misstyped it, who can remember all these ducks

12. Everyone,

You also missed uncle duck and plastic duck. Uncle duck amuses me for some reason.

13. YNWA,

We should have Rubber duck added to the line of ducks, It was a nickname of a teacher who once taught me a long time ago.

14. Vojvoda,

So this is the list of all ducks I could remember:
orange duck, donald duck, mamy duck, grandpa duck, yellow duck, Strow duck, green duck, daddy duck, sister duck, white duck, Porcelain duck, sir duck, blue duck, plastic duck, Uncle duck violet duck.
I counted 16 here!

15. Everyone,

Rubber duck is a good idea. Also, you can add grandma duck to that list.

16. Nikola,

Now being able to rename bots on a table would be fun, you could press shift+w to open the list and when pressing enter on a bot it would give a rename option, i know quite pointless but fun.

17. Vojvoda,

Fun but you would not be able to know is that a real player or not, if you join someone's table and that definitely would feel stupid for me.

18. Nikola,

That is indeed true, that can easily be solved though. you just make it say something like, farkle in progress with Vojvoda, nikola and 100 bots.

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19. AmineTrichine,

You could easily know weather that's a bot or not. Simply press shift w then go on a name, and press enter on it. If you can't send pm's etc that means it's a bot.

20. soundarya,

What if someone creates a username with 100bots? just kidding. Like, you press w and it says 3 people are sitting on the table. ABCD, EFGH, and 100 bots.

21. Nikola,

Then that someone is childish and immature and doesn't deserve to have bots.

22. Vojvoda,

Oh that would be cool to have, would be also not bad for new users to learn bots. Like three people are sitting at the table, Nikola, Vojvoda and one bot: Donald Duck

23. prince-makusu ,

hi, i think some pokemon bots should be added, psyduck! :p

24. rockstar2013,

Hello all, I've noticed an entire family of ducks. Though I can't say for sure what my favourite bot is, I certainly love the names given to them, and they sound very funny.

25. musiclover,

my fave bot is bugs bunny

26. Saniel_Morse,

In the spanish side we have a bot named Flash Gordon, I don't know if it exists onto the english part but I remember it because at some point I was starting to know Playroom and some people and me were playing 1000 miles, then some of us left the table and Flash Gordon replaced him. Then I thought he was actually another person with that nickname! Lol.

27. Nikola,

Yes, there's flash gordon here too.

28. jellygirl,

I love this topic.
Among ducks definitely porcelain and violet duck, so ellegant :D
And among others...
Stupid computer
Stupid bot
The loser
Nubes spirit
Nubie player
Prince of persia.

29. Areyana,

i'd like only color bots like orange, green , yellow, ... and i rather take those bots in my games. looooooooool.!!

30. Ferrumite,

I hate all duks. I don't know why. lol

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