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1. canada,

Hi every buddy,
I'm searching programmers and editors for my web site, Global Web Sphere.
This website is a future community of services and tools. Any one in the world can come and build there own service and open it to those who need! Currently, the website is in French. I'm translating it in English and I'm searching people who wants to help me to programme or to write news&other stuff. Please contact me via the inbox of The Play Room or by e-mail at to get in touch with the communication and managing team.
Here is the address:
Thanks to all of you.

2. xbox,

just addme on skype i wont put it hear for privicey reasons

3. canada,

Hi, for those who want to add us, on Skype and help, its: live:admin_125958 or if you don't find it.

4. Bixby,

Hi. Excuse me if I was late, but I wanted to ask if they still needed editors and programmers for the website. Look, I do not know how to program, but if you want I can help translate the site. Can contact me on skype, regards!

5. canada,

Thanks to all of those who want to participate. I've accepted the requests. Please send me a message with your country, date and time of your availability. Thank you!

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hey, although I have things to do but I can collaborate this way:
•Correcting English mistakes
•Translating from English to Arabic
Let me know if my effort would be helpful. Regards

7. canada,

For the first choice, I don't mind but for the second one, I can't do it know because we don't know if wi'le get more users if we do so. Thanks for your help, add us on Skype or write me via the inbox to get started.

8. StormProductions,

Hi. I know some html and I might help translating the thing, and writing new stuff on the site.

9. canada,

We'de like to thank all of those who are interested in participating. Please add us on Skype or contact me via the Inbox.
Inbox: creatrix

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