French tarot tournament results

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1. Cristina,

Hello all!

I am delighted to announce that the French tarot tournament has concluded today and Angelina princess became the champion of it!

She has joined the tournament as beginner, because she learned the game a couple days before it started.

She was the most brave player of the tournament, her courage of betting was rewarded and also the great luck helped her to pass through every round gaining always the first place.
The final match was played by Angelina-princess, Catalin, Fawaz and Aurel.

Angelina-princess and Catallin also met each other in the match of the first round, when Angelina-princess got the first place and Catallin the second, as it happened in the final match.

Well done guys, thanks for taking part in this tournament and many congratulations to Angelina-princess!

One match of semi-final was played by Badgirl, Romania2017, Catallin and Aurel, the last two went through.

The other match of semi-final was played by Ynwa, Taper, Angelina-princess and Fawaz, the last two went through.

The most excellent match was played by Badgirl, Fawaz, Snowflake and Guliwer in the first round of the tournament.

There were six rounds in which badgirl bid 3 times, Guliwer 2 times and in the sixest round Fawaz bid, announced a double handle, brought the little one in the end and he gained more than 500 points in just one round. Therefore he got the first place and Badgirl the second.

The fastest match of the tournament was played by Aurel, Marina7, Taper and policeman1 in the first round of the tournament. In less than half an hour they played five rounds and Aurel with Taper advanced.

It was a successful tournament, all the players turned up to play their match. And what it was the most amazing, the tournament was quite balanced, there were six beginners and ten older French tarot players. Five of those six had played in semi-final and two of those five had played in final.

Thank you all for taking part in this tournament, well done guys, also thanks for your help and hope next time will join more players, because French tarot is an awesome game.

Thanks Sevrior for choosing me as co-organizer and hope your tech issues will be solved and you will be back as soon as possible!

Kind regards, Cristina!

2. Everyone,

nice. Now does that mean I win?

3. marina7,

lets stay on the topic please as I've removed all the out of topics comments

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4. policeman1,

Thanks for the tourney keep it up

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