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1. Vojvoda,

Hello dear people I am coming with quite weird idea.
Probably almost noone of you played a game with any of our administrators. So now I am talking to Aminiel, what do you think about making one event, you take one evening from Saturday for example and you play games with players on the english part.
This stands for other two admins too. What do you think people about this?
Maybe my idea is a little bit unorganized so write down your thoughts
ratatatata best regards

2. Ferrumite,

it would be good. But, it's hard for admins even with out that to organize there time, but I agree that they should be a little bit more open to players.

3. Aminiel,


I never play on the English part, right, but from time to time I play on the french part.

But now, anyway, I'm preparing the next version

4. Nikola,

I wish it was available as a beta test :)

5. bloodsharp,

i think that is a good idea

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