Have you heard about a Team Talk server called Angels Clan?

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31. HermfyPermfy,

hell no! i have nothing to do with cookie

32. AlirezaNosrati,

i've heard of it and there aren't any nice people. cookie forces you to delete your channels on public servers, give him your skype password, give him admin on your skype groups and etc. dr trump there is mainly a spammer, and aaron preston always tries to convert you to christianity and their people add you on skype, then fork you.

33. HermfyPermfy,

hi cathy, our server is tk.jennios.com ports 10333

34. The-Queen,

You're all drama. People. I'm not on teamtalk anymore. Drama doesn't deserve time it's worthless and causes headaches...

35. shodan ,

As an administrator of an other server-
host adress: gabdillon.com
ports: 10989
I really as of this day hate that cammeron person who I don't want to support him, despite I've had a great time whithim untill Patrick deleted my account on the Satan's clan server.
I was proclamming to the worse, untill a friend of mine had given permition to one of my friends "dillon included" to host he's server.
And speaking about DR. Ramón "Moncho {Canon}" Salazar Trump, he has no nationality.

36. Dayan,

Take teamtalk dramas to teamtalk.

37. HermfyPermfy,

yw gab dillon. just yw. That is line angels clan cause the same people hang out there. anyway

38. shodan ,

Same people? Thí sever was recreated since 30 ỏ so dáy!

39. HermfyPermfy,

gab dillon hosts for charlie and patrick. both people who hang with cookie and angels clan, they are all part of the same tree if you will.

40. Lemonade,

Given how infamous these people seem to be, I'm mildly surprised I haven't heard of them before.

41. Vojvoda ,

I thought I am the only one who doesn't know them.

42. HermfyPermfy,

lol they are a cupple of troles as you've seen in the thread. anyway, My tt server should be up again sune, after a spam attack from said people. :)

43. Vojvoda ,

I think someone should write a novel about this

44. HermfyPermfy,

roflroflroflrofl right? its like the old days, people from different tribes in the same comunity battleing it out with the teamtalks/fortresses getting atacked and etc. roflroflroflr

45. fire-starter,

it's kind of funny how everyone seems to be acusing everyone of doing something somewhere else on this forum. keep the popcorn comin'

46. shodan ,

I know Patrick, but not charlie. A friend of mine is hosting it, and me being an admin, I can ashure you that as the next abomination of my presidency arrives between my [[p0mp0'p0mp0m]] of my imagination (remember to use eSpeak for that sort of thing I've wrote with phonetic pronunsiation), I could say that they are not here, thankfully.
If Cuddley AKA Lucitrón had permition to hack all skype accounts or maybee Cookie AKA Satrón wants them, I will never accept any satronic attacks between the electric union and the human population.

47. HermfyPermfy,

hay oatricks friend, just disagree with him once. see how fast your adminship goes poof rofl.

48. shodan ,

Yes, my idministrator has been destroyed, and the server has been also destroyed. I'm not annoyed, I'm bored. I don't have any feelings to express this, but I can recomend you to go to the US server, or elce I have to create an other server, however it shall be complicated to doo this, MR. Gavilán. Also, getting kind of off topick here, can the future TeamTalk 6 be reprogrammed on WX Widgets?
I was talking to the developer about this just in tyme like in may 2018, but he said that I need a time machine. Heck, if I create one I don't know, but my benevolent suspission of my Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is breaking me apart.

49. HermfyPermfy,

you could still go to my tt server. I can't asure you admin or anything cause i don't know you,, but niether can the us server. :) bring your friends, have fun, and just no dromma, and everyone will be fine.

50. shodan ,

Don't worry sir. We can be Informed.

51. Vojvoda ,

How is the weather in your countries people?

52. shodan ,

@Pavkov No one is telling the weather here.
@Erny, I just got the host and the ports and added it to my server list. I'm afrade no one logged on but I just need to wait, but before that give me administrator rights.
Ouch, I know you don't know how to get administrator rights to an account but here is what you're searching.
In the menu bar, select server, user accounts. There you can change the characteristics of that accounts, if you are an admin of the server.

53. Dayan,

If this topic is becoming a conversation only between two people I would suggest to discuss it privately. As for the weather we have currently 13 degrees c on december 11, 2018 at 23:28

54. Vojvoda ,

Thanks bishop, come on others. Tell me how is the weather in your country?

55. StormProductions,

Now after reading this topic I'm wondering what's the best server to connect to actually. Everyone's promoting their server out here, so why wouldn't I do this as well?

So guys, if you wanna join up mine, it's: vlad-c-productions.net, ports 10400. Remember to leave your username and password so that I can create an account for you, but I'm thinking about making a script on my website that will let you create accounts on my server so that everyone can make accounts for themselves and their friends. Waiting you on the server.

56. HermfyPermfy,

storm productions, i already beet you to it working on that since last week rofl.

57. StormProductions,

That was kinda hard to understand. Can you please rephraseyour last post?

58. the-supreme-AI,

@ernie19, bigbeast said that i brought it on myself, as far as i am concerned, no, more, team, talk!

59. helleon,

You all seriously need lives. Don't hack man's accounts. If man bothers you, delete man off your server and block them.

60. shodan ,

Heleon has the trueth. Eaven I desagree with my now anti heroe, I shall tell you that the previous server is back. Didn't post in a lot of days though.

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