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1. YNWA,

2 years ago I was going to create a fake Bots tournament as an April Fools joke but decided against it as Cristina held a real Scopa tournament that weekend. It would not have been fair to put up my joke tournament when a real one was going on so I decided to leave it. I still kept the old text so have decided to let people enjoy the joke now. Don't forget we did not have as many Duck bots as we do now. Unusually Easter fell on the same day as April fools hence this joke competition.


On Saturday 15 April Snowflake and I will be hosting a Scopa Easter tournament just for bots in the playroom and you are invited to select a bot that will represent you in this very special tournament. We have noted the issues that people have had recently regarding punctuality so we believe we have found an ideal solution that will sort out this issue. We also are aware that many of you really enjoy chocolate so may not have enough time to play during the Easter weekend.

Some ask what comes first the Chicken Or the egg. We believe our tournament will solve this issue in it's own unique way. We have chosen 2 teams that will contain 14 players each. We chose 14 because there are 14 duck bots and as ducks produce eggs they will be representing the egg team. 14 of the other bots will represent the Chicken team. Once 28 of you have chosen your bot then we will make the draw. One of the Ducks will be drawn against one of the Chicken team. That will produce 7 Winners. We want an Eighth player for the quarter-final so I think one of the loosing bots Perhaps the looser Lol may get another chance. The first round will be set to 6 points with the Quarter and Semi each 12 points and 18 points for the final. Apparently it is something to do with the size of egg boxes according to some of the ducks.

Please note that it is possible that there may not be a semi or even a final as there has to be one egg or chicken for any of the finals to go ahead. Hopefully all the eggs won't have cracked by then or all the chickens will have run away.

All we are asking people to do is choose a bot and that bot will represent them at the tournament. We will work on a first come first served basis so if your first choice bot is taken then you will have to choose another bot on the list. Please note that you don't have to be able to attend the tournament for your bot to play but we feel sure that your bot would appreciate you cheering them on on the day.


Albator, Albatros, Anakin skywalker, Baby player, Baracouda, Batman, Billy the kid, Bioman, Bugs bunny, Casper, Dark vador, Doctor house, Dr. jeckil, Flash gordon, Goldorak, Indiana jones, James bond, Lucky luke, Mickey mouse, Mister hide, Mr. bean, Newby player, Noob's spirit, Pikachu, Peter pan, Prince of persia, Robotnick, Sonic, Space cat, Stupid computer, Superman, Psychocouac, Tarzan, Terminator, The loser, Thinky winky, Anastasia, Averell dalton, Calamity jane, Sarah connor, The blond, Plastic duck, Sir duck, Mamy duck, Daddy duck, Brother duck, Sister duck, Baby duck, Uncle duck, Donald duck, Green duck, Orange duck, White duck, Yellow duck,

I hope you liked it lol.


2. Nikola,

Must admit, that's actually pretty funny. Doesn't mean it can't be real though.

3. Lemonade,

I think this should be real.

4. Angelina-princess,

I love the Porcelain duck, though it wasn't including here. :(
By the way, this sounds fun & very interesting for the Easter! :)

5. YNWA,

Yes I like that duck too and you are correct it was not there. Perhaps that was why I did not put up the joke as there were more bots to add, not sure how many ducks/bots in all but I did think about it in 2018.

There is no reason why someone else can't run this tournament, people can include new bots and people could still suggest what duck they would choose or what chicken they liked, lol.

6. sound2,

Lol that was funny. Enjoyed reading that. How would you run this tournament?

7. YNWA,

That was my first draft at the time when I was messing about, Alesia liked ducks so for somereason I wrote down all the ducks and other bots and that is why the new ones were not included but ducks would have only played chickens in the first round. It would be possible for 14 ducks to beat the other 14 chickens so no need for further rounds. It would be possible for the quarter finals having 7 ducks play against 1 chicken. As only 2 players per game you would have had a total of 4 games so 3 games it would be chicken v chicken and last game duck v chicken. I know a crazy idea.

It would be up to players to pick a bot to represent them if you like. Once all bots have been chosen then the tournament could begin.

The more interesting question is do you have a favourite bot? do you feel some bots are better than others? In an odd way this is what the tournament would have been about. This tournament would have been about teams. Creating 2 teams for say a Scopa tournament had been an idea of mine where you would have had a captain for each team. Each win for an individual would have gained a point for your team and once your team reached a set level of points your team would have won. With scopa another day you could have had the same game played in teams of 2 giving a point for each win. This would have been the Ryder cup of Scopa. Maybe some day I may try it.

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