Sound skemes on my windows is muting after a while, how to fix it?

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1. Koo_Loo_Cheh,

Hello my friends!
First of all, I would like to thank all of friends who answers to my questions on any of my posts specially from nikola.
But I am facing with a little problem these days: After a fiew minutes I'm working with my computer, I don't know why all of my sound events is muting and it won't be solved unless I restart my computer.
I was interested to know that what's causing them to be silent, and how can solve this problem.
I appreciate your answers. Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

2. Nikola,

The same seems to be happening to me, except it is not after a few minutes, rather whenever I turn on my PC sometimes randomlmy windows sounds do not work, then the next time they work normally and I am looking for a solution as well. However, to make the process a bit faster, you do not have to restart each time, simply signing out and back in is enough to fix it.

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