Bots in Chess

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1. sopralto,

I think it would be cool to have bots enabled in chess so that people like me who only have alittle experie
nce with the game could practice and get better before having to play players with more experience. thank you.

2. facelessghost,

I agree!!! Very good idea!
It’s not so easy to find an opponent in this game!
not everyone can play!
By the way, there are no rules for this game in the room either.
you can implement at least as in the engine under maxrider.

3. tiny,

but, you should really use winboard for that because they won't add it's quite hard to program a bot. so, just install winboard and enjoy a very strong chess program which you can't get even a win just you learn something to become a more good player

4. Vojvoda ,

There will not be bots, Aminiel said it clearly he doesn't have enough good server for that, you can try with winboard as tini said, also BG chess challenge, which is not the smartest program but it works, depends how good player you are, there is also an program called fritz, not sure if I spelled it correctly, that one is quite proffessional and might be one of the best out there.

5. sopralto,

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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