Please sign the petition, thanks to which, braille on android can work better.

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1. facelessghost,

Hello everybody!
I have not seen topics on a forum of this format, and I hope that I will not break any rules with this publication!
If this happened, forgive me, I believe that this is very important!
I never write such requests here, but now I would like to appeal to all:
In the English-language mailing list for android, one user decided to create a petition for Google to implement braille input in TB, respectively, it will not need to be turned off every time when using the keyboard.
Help, please collect signatures as much as possible.
I myself used the Braille input for 2 years and was very tormented when I had to turn off the screen reader in order to write “Hi”.
Even a sighted person and one who does not need it at all can sign the petition simply by taking a few minutes.
I have already asked for statistics to sign my friends, you can probably sign more from their different email addresses.
At the moment, the number of signatures is 477, and you need 1000.
Here is the link:
It is enough to enter your first name, last name, E-mail and press the "Sign" button.
Everything is in English there, but it will not be difficult for anyone, because there is a button for signing "Sign this petition"
If you do not want to receive email messages, you will receive a link to the unsubscribe in the email.

Let's make braille input on Android affordable and convenient for us!

Thanks in advance!

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