Latino and jazz music. recommendations

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1. george,

Hi, this topic is addressed to the latinoamericans in special, but not only.
I'm a rock/metal fan, in the same time I'm a musician, play the piano and like the classical music. Recently I've discovered Latino, Jazz and maybe Bossanova.
Could you please recomand me contemporarry latino, jazz, or other fussions like latino jazz bands please?
Note: Please specify the genre of the artist you recommend, for example, the band x, Fussion jazz, bossanova, whatever type of latino.
WHen I say latino I'm reffering to the true genre not to what we hear at the radio like Despacito or Sin Pijama.
Thank you so much guys, your music is briliant.

2. Adventure-Time,

Hi George!
I'd definitely recommend Paquito d'Rivera. He's a Cuban jazz musician and composer. He plays sax and clarinet, and his style ranges between various elements of jazz and latin jazz. I really like his albums "Who's smoking?" and "Tico Tico". Check him out.
Also, the album "Secret Dream" by "Chevere de Chicago" is my recent favorite. It's an energy blast for sure. :D

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