dominos turniment

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1. musiclover,

hi all of the players on playroom i am look ing to host a dominos turniment on fev14
at 12 pasifick time
here are the rools each table will have three players in it
and the score will be 99 poynts olnly the winner of each table will go on to the next round

2. Mazdak ,

Hello. When is the exact time?

3. musiclover,

at 2 pasifick time

4. Redbox5,

I would love to join but I’m not able to do to school, shame

5. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Hey there. Sign me up for Wednesday's tournament as I rather enjoy dominos, especially the fact there are no complex rules like in Uno.
Is 2:00 PM pacific time 6:00 PM central or is this incorrect? I'm not good with time zones.

6. RadioPierpaolo,

I would like to participate! My playroom ID is RadioPierpaolo

7. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Sorry about me forgetting completely about the tournament. If there weren't enough people, that's understandable but I was at my mother's house having tacos until around 1:30 Central time. I'll check the boards periodically for new tournament announcements and will subscribe to them if I'm interested.

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