Belote league, the ranking of first stage

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1. Cristina,

Greetings all!

First, I wish, “Happy women’s day!” to all girls and ladies on playroom, because today, it is 8th of march, the international women’s day.

Also, I would like to announce, the belote league first stage has been concluded Monday evening.

40 matches were played, because we have decided to put every team to play both matches they need to play for 1st and 2nd round of this belote league.
In the first stage, every team played those 2 matches against 3 other teams.
For all the stages of the league, each team will play it 2 matches against other 3 teams, which they did not play in the previous stages.

In the ranking below, it is written the amount of points gained by every team and matches they played:

1. Waternimph AjsNigrutin: 25, (6 matches)

  1. Nicolae01 Jose: 23, (6 matches)
  2. Me-me undertaker: 22, (6 matches)
  3. Quedirgencero Umut-cicegi: 18, (6 matches)
  4. Dragos Victor11: 15, (6 matches)
  5. Catallin Claudiu: 14, (6 matches)
  6. Cristina Taper: 13, (6 matches)
  7. MagicalKrrish Guliwer: 13, (6 matches)
  8. Alesia Aurel: 11, (6 matches)
  9. The-raven SmilingHawaiian: 10, (6 matches)
  10. Nicola Bastibasti: 9, (6 matches)
  11. Zulfquar007 Genti: 6, (6 matches)
  12. Andreiuta Vero: 5, (6 matches)

We give bonus points:
- For draw taken by a team, when it has succeeded to make the opponent team to be in draw, (1 point for it)
- - For each match they make, (2 points for it)
- - For each win, (3 points).

Unfortunately we were forced to replace 2 players: Alesia with Chips and Zulfquar007 with Blacktina.

We agreed to replace them just because it was the first stage, but in future it won’t happen this again.

Kind regards, belote league team!

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