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1. Moriarty,

I searched on google with parameter to search on this site, if someone already do not posted suggestion for this game, but found nothing, so I will do It. Go board game is board styled game, invented in ancient China. It is similar to chess, but with higher strategy level, and extreme simple rules, which can understand child too. Hovever, regardless simple rules this game can not be played by computer, because of abnormal huge of possible combinations. Only alphago program from google successfully defeated world schampion of this game - Lee Sedol, but It uses a technology of deep neural networks, which can not be applyed for this game on normal computers. I can write rules here, but It would be useless, because good manual can you find on:

I think, that will be good if this game exists in playroom, because there is no accessible version of Go yet, and I know minimally one person who want It, I too and I think, that there are others whose like to see Go in list of supported games.

2. Vojvoda,

I find the game quite interesting

3. Aminiel,


For sure, Go is a very interesting game. But there are at least two problems:

  1. Chess, connect4 and reversi, the three strategy games currently available on the playroom, don't have a great success, if we compare to Farkle, Scopa or Dominos. It doesn't remove the fact that the game is interesting, but this makes it going lower priority
  2. The other issue is more technical. In Go, tokens aren't placed inside squares but at their intersections. This is not so easy to represent as a traditional grid system, and this would create an unavoidable shift between the computer representation, necessarily in a kind of grid, and a physical version of the game that you may have in front of you.

That being said, I have still a curiosity question: I have never played Go myself since I'm blind. Is there blind Go players ? How the accessible physical board is made exactly ? How intersections are numbered ? Maybe by answering to these questions we could solve the issue #2.

4. Vojvoda,

I wouldn't agree that these three games don't have so great success, OK they are not so popular like farkle dominos and etc. but at least chess is enough popular.

5. Adventure-Time,

Hello Aminiel.
Thank you for checking out this topic. I myself would love to see the game added here and I'll be definitely keeping an eye on this.
Regarding the first issue. To be very honest, I wouldn't really consider chess to be less popular, since I often find at least one game of chess in progress while I run through the available tables. However, even if we agree that these games don't gain much popularity, the smaller amount of people interested in playing them will appreciate when you bare them in mind and add such games to the list. Scientific war, for example, is much more overlooked comparing to chess. And to me it'S one of the most enjoyable card games I found here, actually it was the first card game where I started thinking about cards in a different way. Going back to Go, what am I trying to say is that adding such games isn't a wrong move in my opinion, and it'S surely worth the time and efford.
As for another version of Go for the blind, I haven't found an accessible existing one and I doubt it's been actually created, but perhaps I'm wrong.

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6. Moriarty,

phisical gobans are a small mistery, because I found one only in Japan, but my friend from Czech have It and I think, that It is not from Japan, must be created somewhere nearer, but where...
About issue#2, I do not see problem in It, is right that there are intersections, but they can be represented also as squares. I do not mean It that you should represent It to the user as squares, only for the computer, when looked from up, it is a normal matrix like in chess, so also movement can be done by this way, with arrow keys.
Also normal go game for sighted persons have numbering like in chess - a1, b1, c1 etc. But this is only for player, in go partion file .sgf is using format letterletter, for example aa, ab, ac etc. Number notation of rows I seen in one go program, so think, that this is selectable by player, what option he prefers.

At issue #1, chess have good popularity, when I keep in mind how many blinds do not know chess rules and can not play It, is It good. I have never played go myself, but It made my interest after success of alphago, so I wanted to play It and found out, that there is not accessible version yet. But from descryption It is very nice game, and blind world should know It. Also chess world schampion Leibnitz sayd: "If chess is king of the board games, Go is theyr emperor."

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