Arabic language support in playroom

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91. AmineTrichine,

Problem is that the play room staff works with what they have now, and ignnore thinking about what will they have in the future if they do this. EG, them saying since there aren't many players of a specific language then there is no need to translate the platform to that lang.
That's totaly wrong, as we know not everyone has a good english, french level and so on to understand the platform as what it is now, and there for they won't bother joining it.
Take crazy party or Euro fly as an example, not many spanish or arabic people played these when they weren't translated to those languages, but there are a lot of people that do now that that's done.

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92. Ferrumite,

have to agree. I know english well enough, but I will like to see this in my own language. of corse there are some games where there is serbian channel but because there are very little number of people on that channel nobody goes there.

93. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I sufficient myself with those replies, however I will have to wait for Aminiel to make a decision about translating the playroom into Arabic and other languages, then I will start by permition.
At the end Google Translate is not understandable but if we need to translate from French, it would not be a big problem either, we can use Google and modify corrections. After all we are not all native speakers of some language, except our own one, so it would be better if we can translate from English to *

94. Nikola,

Google translate is not an option. The only case where I suggested it as a possibility is if Aminiel insists on providing explanations for the interface in French, not for translating the interface itself. Anyways, we'll see will Aminiel decide to allow translations from English.

95. play_romania1,

Why you want 10000 languages here?

96. Nikola,

Why you post 10000 posts to old topics?

97. AmineTrichine,

oh here we f**king go again. Can't you guys discuss one topic without fighting for freaking once?
It's simple, the more languages there are, the larger the playerbase gets.
I guess your post is of no sense what so ever and looks like you want to start a fire in here, so ignnoring you would be the greatest thing to do.

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