Deleting a saved game

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1. StormProductions,

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to actually delete saved tables? I have a lot and my client's just crashing because of too much of them.


2. koochehhaayehdeltangi,

Hi. Just press the delete key on it.

3. Nikola,

The client really shouldn't crash because of that no matter how many you have, as the tables are on the server.

4. StormProductions,

Then I'm not sure why it crashes, but it does this whenever I try to open the saved tables.

5. koochehhaayehdeltangi,

What kind of crash's you're getting? Not responding or,,,

6. Ferrumite,

hmm, if my memorry serves me right, there is about a limit of 50 or something tables that you can save. Anyway I am not a fan of having loads of saved tables so I have never had my client crashed.

7. Aminiel,

There shouldn't be that many. Normally, you can't save more than 30 tables.

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