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1. YNWA,

When PR3 is introduced will there be a 64 bit version of the playroom as at present there is only the option to download a 32 bit version of the PR?

2. StormProductions,

That's not a problem for us, PR players. I use 64 bits Windows and PR works perfectly.

3. Nikola,

Yes, the 64 bit version is not necessary in the case of playroom so no need for that.

4. helleon,

Agree with the other 2. Using a 64-bit machine with no issues.

5. Aminiel,

No. But you can run a 32-bit program under a 64-bit windows without any problem.

6. Antetokounmpo ,

If you would know how many programs on your pc have that are 32 bites and you have win 64 :)

7. rockstar2013,

I agree with those who said that a 64-bit version isn't needed. The only case where this is a worry is in the case of hardware drivers and very few exceptional cases of which I know very little.

8. StormProductions,

For example JAWS. The 32 bits version won't install on a machine with 64 and vice-versa.

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