Submitting new monopoly boards

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1. Nikola,

Hello Aminiel. I was able to find the format for monopoly boards, and we have a Serbian board created. Where can we send it?

2. RadioDani,

I would also like to know more about this.

3. Aminiel,

There is no formal way of sending a monopoly board. You can just do it by e-mail, or skype, or whatever.

4. Nikola,

OK, which email or skype or whatever you prefer?

5. RadioDani,

Hi again. Aminiel, please give us the mail address and/or the Skype username where we should send the boards.

6. Ferrumite,

There is a contact form on the website.

7. RadioDani,

Yes, but there's no answer to e-mails sent from there.

8. Nikola,

It also didn't work in English and had an error.

9. Saniel_Morse,

The first and only board I have sent was driven by the e-mail page attached in a Google Drive file, so that lack of response is not an excuse.
You just have to specify the name you want for it, its currency, the multiplication factor (I guess it has to do with prices for the properties etc) the colors to use (again, try to use an existing board) and finally put one by one the squares for the board. It's not that hard at the end.
However, be particularly careful with the names of cities, public services and stations because fictional names and other things simply will be ignored.

10. Nikola,

Except when you go send the board you were working on, and you get a super generic response telling you thanks for your suggestion and interest in the playroom, we will keep it for later. Well, except when it's not a suggestion.

11. Saniel_Morse,

For that kind of automatic answers just keep insisting, of course don't overload the server with e-mails, the dev will read the e-mail one way another.
Kind regards and we hope to see good news very soon!

12. Nikola,

Well I don't plan to spam them with emails, i'd rather hope Aminiel would give us a good contacting point as we got an answer from a French helper, and i'd rather prefer him to see the board as it's directed to him.

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