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1. tiny,

hi all, i get messages and invatations when i'm busy many times. i just don't want to get such things when i'm busy at my games and specially my fast games which i don't have time to respond. so if there will be an option called busy mode and we can turn it off or sometimes on it'll be great

2. koochehhaayehdeltangi,

Hello, you can do a settings which noone can invite you except your friends.

3. tiny,

your off the rails

4. Nikola,

How about not caring about these things when in fast games like uno? You don't need to respond to any invitation.

5. tiny,

maybe you don't need but i need. besides needing to respond or not, these messages or invitations are annoying when we are busy. and about uno more people know that if they send a message they won't get respond so they not do that

6. afrim,

Well, it's very easy to ignore an invitation; it doesn't cost anything, plus you might feel like leaving a game when you're playing it and going to another.

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