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1. YNWA,

Hello all

Today The Quiz party has been running for exactly 1 year so happy birthday Quiz Party. We were miles behind the other Quiz Parties in the Playroom so it was quite a challenge playing catch up. Initially we needed 3,000 questions to make the game playable or that was what we were lead to believe, others found a way round that rule. (would be interesting to find out who played it first) , I now believe that figure should have been doubled. People who are new to the playroom will get a better experience of Quiz Party than those that have played it regularly, if you have not played Quiz Party for a few months or more you will get a better experience now as there have been many improvements.

we now have:

12,000 plus questions.
A minimum of 550 questions for all subjects.
Less repeats in games due to more questions.
A greater range of questions
More people use the Flagging system
Less errors now (But I am still sure more to find)

I would really like to thank my fellow Validators for putting in so much work over the year, I would like to thank everybody who have submitted questions for Quiz Party and finally but no means least I would like to give a big thank you to Aminiel for creating this wonderful game as he has done with so many games in the PLAYROOM.

I know there was a request for some funny questions in Quiz party, I think you will smile at a few, we have a couple of playroom Usernames and even a few bots that you may find in some of the questions.

We now have a solid foundation to build upon and I hope over the next year we can add more interesting questions that you will find challenging and facinating. Some questions have an interesting story behind them but I think it would be too much to add that bit to quiz party.

Thanks YNWA on behalf of the Quiz Party Team

2. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Happy birthday to this game I've enjoyed so many times.

3. george,

Hellow, Happy birthday to this game! This is my favorite game from the playroom, it's an wonderful and educational game, and if you should some help, i will be keen on to do that.
Thanks, George!

4. play_romania1,

Happy birthday for quiz party! Happy Birthday with late

5. sound2,

Can't believe time flew by so quickly. So, i'll add my birthday wishes. It was well put together. I don't play it much but it's good to pass the time.

6. musiclover,

happy birthday qp
eaven tho i did not get any of my questions vallidated

7. YNWA,

Unfortunately too many myths were created with Quiz Party as we did not do this and we did not do that according to some. Firstly Quiz Party is a work in progress, the game is not complete and will not be for quite a while. If you take the French Quiz Party for example they have over 22,000 questions and we now have 12,000 questions. They have had more time to work on Quiz Party. Everybody knows Quiz Party should have been started in the English section much earlier than it did. Some said we had a lack of questions about other cultures in Quiz party.

What is culture? Is it about food? Is the Cooking category just about only English and American food? Is Pasta, and Wine English? I think many people eat/drink them round the world, and you can say that about other food items and drink. Art is part of culture. there are many famous Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish artist recognised around the world. Music can be more tricky unless it is classical or Opera . Pop music is more an issue because we did delete a number of questions or change them. What people like to listen to can vary, some people like music that many don't. I have seen some questions on Dutch artists for example that are not even famous in their own country never mind the rest of the world so how can you accept a question about them. Sport you have World and European champions so it is possible to have many questions about them. Sport to me is the easiest so I have worked on questions that have been harder to fill but I have added some questions from other countries.

When you look at some of the questions that some have sent in it has tended to be about their own country, of course you do want some questions about their country, but it does have to be of an interest to others and not just the people from their own country. there are over 200 countries so you need to have questions about those countries too. We did want to make changes to the categories that was for the benefit of the English section but you did not agree with them or put something that was even better than we suggested, as a result the disadvantage to non-native players is even greater than it would have been.

MusicLover you said you have had no questions accepted for Quiz Party? How do you know that? Did you check every one? I don't normally comment on who has or has not had questions validated otherwise I would get many people writing to me asking for the same thing. For the record I know I accepted at least one of your questions. If questions are good (QUIZ Questions) they will get accepted as more than 12,000 have. I put Quiz Questions in brackets because sometimes we get questions that are not even Quiz Questions!

If people want to send good questions it is better to find ones that are more than likely to be correct, books for example are a good source of questions as they have already been researched, I have seen good ones on the internet too. If you try to create questions on what you think you know then you may have issues with accuracy as the old brain can play tricks on you.



8. mhr91358,

hapy birthday qp , i got a lot of information through it

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