a tiny spelling issue

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1. braille0109,

hi, call me picky, but I'm only pointing it out. the string is as follows. Information: if you speak french and another language and if you want translate the playroom, contact us to http://qcsalon.net shouldn't that be if you want to translate the play room?

2. Raki,

I'm rather curious to see what you pull out for issue 3 of this remarkable series.

3. Nikola,

Theoretically speaking you're right, but i don't know can those info messages even be changed, as they have a lot of errors. Hole history instead of whole history, avelable fonctions instead of available functions, etc...

4. braille0109,

LOL you're my third issue, that's the third one. would you like me to make a thread on you seperately, or will it do in here? it's up to you, depends on how much attention you are wanting.
as for post 3, I don't know how much it matters, either, I don't care either ways, but thought I'll just point it out.

5. Raki,

Not sure, but if you're going to dig into every single gramatical and spelling mistake I'd suggest you to keep it in this thread so we don't have to suffer your spam. thanks.

6. helleon,

in actual fact, it is common knowledge that playroom is always written as one word. look it up. it is like football, deadline etc.

7. Nikola,

There's a nice key on your keyboard called down arrow, if you press it when you hear something you don't like, it goes to the next thread.

8. Raki,

The fact remains that this server was translated by someone who didn't have English as their first language. If we're going to go grammer nazi we'll be here for a long time. Chill out and play your games. A mistake here and there isn't such a big deal.

9. HVACSalesman,

:( :( :(

Dernière édition par HVACSalesman, 20.06.2017 18:12:14

10. Raki,

Sorry, don't get what you're implying. I don't see where I'm taking away someone's freedom of speech if that's what you mean...

11. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Freedom of speech is a card that people use when they have nothing left to say

12. braille0109,

it's pretty funny what you've wrote above, for 3 reasons. 1) English isn't my native language, either. 2) I am not, by any means, spamming anyone, but I'm still willing to make a thread on you, in fact, I should. 3) this is what you get for bringing something to someone's attention. maybe we simply shouldn't bother, clearly, it's not worth it.

Dernière édition par braille0109, 18.06.2017 21:17:00

13. Nikola,

So does that mean they shouldn't be fixed? No, in fact probably They were just unnoticed and this isn't spam by any means. But hey, this is exactly why I suggested that option to report translation errors.

14. YNWA,

We know there are errors that need fixing but believe me things have improved. when I have written 100,000 emails to Aminiel his English will have improved so things will get better so all you need to do is wait till then.

15. everyone,

I know this is off topic... But, you just gave us 2 reasons, namely reason 1, reason 2, and reason 4. Am I the only one who finds this extremely amusing?

16. Nikola,

Hahaha i didn't notice the 2 reasons thing, but 2 and 4 yes.

17. braille0109,

LOL don't worry, I found it amusing as well. I was going to split 2 into 2 parts, there being a 3, or wrote 4 unintentionally, honestly, no idea. but you're not alone. I'd have fixed it, but this isn't audiogames.net, so I wasn't able to edit my post. ( I can't suggest it, though, as I'm spamming as it is... apparently..... :P

18. Nikola,

Hey, you can edit your post, but you have to go to the site to do it.

19. braille0109,

oh.... shows you how much I use the web site part of it. thanks, though, I'll keep that in mind, next time I make a spelling error, and what not.

20. sound2,

I agree with raki here. If these errors aren't important to you, why do you post about it then? And being psarcastic won't get you anywhere, it falls flat, and is boring. In the end it's up to the main developer.

21. braille0109,

I've always been sarcastic, that's my nature. don't like it? my heart won't break for you, unfortunately. it is up to the developer indeed, everything is, I agree with that as well. as for why I posted, let me tell you a story. I used to play an online game, and one of the threads were, spelling issues. on the home screen, instead of create a character, it said create a chararcter. no one has noticed it for years, and most of them were sighted. some are simply not aware of it. you just don't notice it. that's why I posted. does that help clarify things for you? now let me go back to be my sarcastic self. PS, even if they were important, there's nothing I could do, if the developer chose to not fix them, anyway. honestly, to me, it just sounds like as if you lot were part of it, and don't want others to find errors in your translation. you'd think we want to support the developer, and look what some of us are getting.

22. zachary.morris2017,

Ok, ok ok. It's not a big deal; who cares if there's a misspelling in the info message, and playroom is one word. As for freedom of speech, how the hell does that have anything to deal with it, sorry if that came out a little too harsh.

23. braille0109,

I don't know if anyone has noticed, and if not, that could be why I'm being misunderstood, but I wasn't pointing out whether playroom, or play room. I was pointing out that there is a to missing, between translate, and playroom/play room. hope this helps to clarify.

24. Nikola,

Come on guys what the hell is up with most of you, reporting a translation error is taken the same way as reporting a bug and should be delt with in the same way. It's an error, end of story and it should simply be fixed.

25. AmineTrichine,

Lately these forums became full of shit. Like arrogant people somewhere, and others who tell people to not post bugs and errors somewhere else, even if they're not directly pointing at that but it is the same result. Come on guys, what are forums supposed to be for? Now please, let's all quit turnning every thread we read and see to a battle field.

Dernière édition par AmineTrichine, 18.06.2017 22:41:22

26. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Simply if you disagree with something you don't have to post describing the person and his way of being just for a single report. This is a forum to suggest and complain of bugs, not a forum for psychological help!

27. HVACSalesman,

:( :( :(

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28. Raki,

Funny. I don't see anyone on this post taking away this person's freedom of speech; in fact, I think you're forgetting that freedom of speech goes both ways. Thank you for showing everyone who the mature person is here! I'm sure we can all learn much from your stick out of the ass comment.

Dernière édition par Raki, 19.06.2017 03:29:38

29. HVACSalesman,

:( :( :( :(

Dernière édition par HVACSalesman, 20.06.2017 18:16:24

30. Sajad-Aliraqi,

The same drama, all is trying to show that they are the best, using different elocution manner of eloquence, and different ways to write, but a message of 1000 characters has one sense and that is, I am better than you!

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