(Solved): Bug with the latest update

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1. Nikola,

Hi, noticed the server restarted today. I don't know is this intentional or no, but when you go to join a table it seems that tables are arranged in a somewhat random order. E.g. Free table is no longer at the bottom of the list. I thought that tables are arranged in the order they were created, but this doesn't appear to be the case.

2. Dayan ,

Wanted to report this a while ago lol. Also not sure if it's a bug or why is it of that way now. Tried to find some sense to it but I couldn't. Anyway, even if not exactly a problem it can be a bit strange for the ones who are used to see the tables in the order we were used to.

3. Nikola,

Yes it's not really a huge problem, it's really just that i'm used to stuff like free tables being at the bottom, uno second etc...

4. sound2,

I agree with what's been said. I saw it when I came on here. And wondered why it was like that.

5. musiclover,

i was wering that

6. Ferrumite,

I think that order is random

7. Nikola,

There may just be some logic behind it.

8. Ferrumite,

@Nikola I think that it's random because When I look one time at the list, then look at it again, it's totally different.

9. Nikola,

This has been fixed as of the update from today

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