An error at the language menu.

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1. george,

Hi everyone!
When i enter in the options, then the language menu, at historry is appearing:
Downloading russian.lng...
Downloading of russian.lng failed: error 404.
Downloading albanian.lng...
What is it? It is a bug?

2. Ferrumite,

hi. I think that Albanian and rushon are no longer supported and I think that Aminiel just forgot to remove auto downloading of .lng files. Kind regards

3. george,

Bbut i want automatic downloads, but that's it!

4. Nilla,

Albanian is not supported anymore as far as I know, but I think I still saw it in the website, however it's broken. Russian, though, as far as i know is supported without any problem.

5. Nikola,

Albanian is removed from the website as well. About the original error, get this version which has those LNG files included and you will have no issues.

6. george,

Thanks, by the way, where you found it, there is not on website, I didn't found this version.

7. Nikola,

It was a RC version though the reason it was never officially released is probably because Aminiel will just wait for V3 instead, but it's definitely safe to install.

8. george,

This version onect faster from 2.2.0

9. Nikola,

No it doesn't. All it does is fixes a few bugs and adds SSL support.

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