A Problem with the kick command

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1. rockstar2013,

Hello everyone,
I have noticed a strange bug, or possibly something which, to me, makes no sense. I noticed that you can kick yourself out of the table, assuming that you are the game master. However, this makes no sense, as you can safely quit the table by pressing q. I would like to see this issue looked into and resolved in the near future.
Thanks in advance.

2. Nikola,

Lol, this isn't an issue. Why would you not be able to kick yourself? You are in the table just like anyone else. You can message yourself too.

3. Kotoamatsukami,

It's fun simply not a bug

4. Mazdak ,

yes it is really fun, when I'm the master in any game, when the game finishes, I'm kicking everyone out of the table first, and the last person who is being kicked out of the table is myself.

5. Dayan,

For that matter control shift q seems better to me. :D

6. Nikola,

Of course, that one is awesome!

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