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1. Mistressbella666,

To whom it may concern, for some reason I have not been update my email address so I'm not sure what the issue is. I tried to do this from the web client several different times and no luck.

2. Nikola,

Hello. The email address cannot be changed from the web client, you must go to the website, log in, and then click settings. There, you will find the heading called change your email and from there it should be easy to proceed.

3. facelessghost,

In order to change your email address, you must do the following:
1. Log in to the game room on the computer.
press strlf1,
or go to

2. Next, find on the page the title Change Email
enter your password in the first box, and the new yemail address in the second and click Change email address
continue to open your mail, find the letter and confirm the change.
All instructions for changing the address will come to your old or new mail address.

4. Mistressbella666,

Hello friends, thank you all very much for all your helpful tips. I was able to successfully change my email address at last.

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