Life, what's the point

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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Aside from religion and beliefs, those who may involve an insertion of afterlife's resurrection and hereafter, I may, though, negatively ask, what is the point of living this life?
This question has come into my mind while I was in the middle of an adversity, I saw that even myself and others fall in love, humanly acceptable as all creatures so. But when people leave each other and they end up practicing their farewell, I do not know what would be the sense of living this life when it is actually all about having to forget and move on... What is the sense? If I moved on to continuation of road, what is the sense and what is my achievement when I try to forget of others and when people break up?
This has caused me to think about suicide, and I was to try it multiple times, yet something hesitates me inside. Though I think suicide may be the interesting way to put an end to all our pains.
Your comments?

2. Sevrior,

My comments are this is probably not the most productive platform for questions of this nature.

But the easy answer is that there is no point to life. It's a natural development, like nuclear fusion or the formation of planets or any other number of events. It in itself is not valuable, unique or interesting.
It's the individual people that impact and influence us that are interesting, important and beautiful. Even if that contact should fade, break or change, it is still beautiful for it's own sake. Even pain and loss and regret are beautiful, because they mean you felt something. And ultimately, feeling something is pretty much all we can definitive say exists.
So enjoy shit, enjoy life. If all life is just moving on, then at least there's always something to move on too, and something beautiful to move on from. That's a lot better than no movement at all.

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It just came into my mind. Yet I see life doesn't interest or has nothing to offer. And well, breaking up then getting married is so complicating. I don't know, this topic may have a lot of things to discuss, because I am sure this question may have come to more of us

4. randomrob,

There's always folks to talk to about this. You're struggling, don't struggle on your own.

5. Kotoamatsukami,

It's all about enjoying

6. Maldalain,

Life is always precious, don't let anything puts you down, about suicide, no one can come back from death to tell us how he or she felt about it, we don't know if what proceeds life is actually better, so live what you're living, and get your self busy with what you love, with whom you love. Forget about what makes you feel emotionally or even mentally less priveleged. Nourish your soul with music, prayer or whatever soothes you. A friend of mine had really bad intestinal failure, he has to move around with bag carrying his urine and feces, he thought that he can not go further in his life, he shot himself dead. Wondering if he is enjoying life after death or if there is a chance that he can go back to life and tell if life is still better place to tame your scourges. Anyway, do something you like, with people you love, let bygones be bygones.

7. afrim,

To answer the question what is life, is equal to answering the question why do we exist. We exist because we are given life, and life is the consecration of God who made his creatures free and happy, joyful, loving and caring. God brought us to this world to be loved and to share love, and we have always the duty to give our contribution for the goodness of this world, whether we are a rich in a castle, or a begger in the street, whether our sole power is money and property, or love and warmth. As I said, God gave us life to enjoy it, to be free and not ashamed of ourselves, our deeds and our people. But we should take pride in who we are and our beloved. As you become older to this world, you will gradually understand that there are people who need you, either when the sun shines brightly, or when the rain drizzles pouringly. You will feel that there are people who love you, who feel delighted in your presence. Do you think your suicide would make them happy? I could hardly come to believe that. Remember that your death would make your parents as sad as they were happy when they saw you for the first time. Remember that your departure from this life would cause such an immense emptiness in their hearts, an emptiness which could not be filled, even by the most precious thing in the world, for you are the most precious thing to them. Remember also, that life, in your existence, will always have its vicissitudes which sometimes rise you up to the heavens, and at times drop you down to the darkest abyss. But thus is the meaning of life which is not meant to stay always in the same state. An explanation of this could be the laws of the nature that we cannot disobey. You see the nature? It changes. Sometimes it’s rainy, sometimes windy, sometimes sunny and other times stormy. Not much different is the life we live.
I hope my words will warm your heart and bring meaningfulness to your life again.

8. YNWA,

A nice article Afrim and I agree!

9. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I can agree on some of the points that have been made, yet I am too much sensitive and sensitivity is as similar as jealousity at the beloved.
The issue is not this, the issue is losing people and having to go to other ones. I though try to get the point, what would be the point of leaving someone and having to go to someone else? And how is it even possible to forget. There is no possibility.

10. Cristina,

Dear Cocoa, I can understand you, but believe me, it doesn't worth to commite a suicide for nobody and nothing of the world.

It's nice to love, it's hard to deal with all those painful feelings what we get when we lose our beloved, but we never should lose our hope.

The time will heal all the wounds and maybe ever will appear in your life the suitable person, who will deserve and appreciate truely all your nice feelings.

Unfortunately many teenagers and youth have such thoughts due to their age, culture or mentality of the society.

11. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Age has nothing to do with it as long as the mind knows how to detirman with those deals. The issue is not the mentality, the issue is society. When I ever go outside, I only go with my cousins. But all my cousins are those who like seeing girls on Facebook and get amazed by that. But when they see me in pain, they just do not care and all I do is struggling on my own.
All the doors are locked in my way, I can not even turn to anyone nor try to do anything, all I am doing is let things go the way they want but it is really hard, yet I am suffering

12. policeman1,

Dude just look at life like a puzzle that have to put it together. Also teens have higher rate to kill them self. Try to do what you enjoy the most and do not give up easily. I wish you all the best!.

13. Sajad-Aliraqi,

My kindest people, I appreciate those respectable comments. I have never in life tried to surrender for anything, and whenever someone wants to surrender about being with me, I'm most of the time the one who goes to satisfy them, the one who goes to take care of them and make them feel that things will be alright and tries to do the best so as not to break my promise. Yet nothing works, instead I keep losing people step by step. I don't know what is the wrong in the puzzle, or what wrong am I doing. I do not even know if this is the right place to explain what is inside me but there is no one to turn to. And I am even afraid to accept new people

14. YNWA,

Loosing people happens sadly, it is a part of life. You just keep them in your heart and never forget them. Many things can be taken away but not memories and perhaps that's why I became an encyclopedia.

There was a girl who was in my class who died of a brain tumer and that was more than 30 years ago now. I still remember her even now. She came back after a while and I helped her learn to walk again with the help of the wall. A couple of days later she was back in hospital. Our teacher took us to visit her at the hospital and of course they wouldn't let us see her. Perhaps the teacher who was young herself shouldn't have took us but I was pleased she did. The next day she died, I was just glad we made the effort to see her.

15. Ferrumite,

I musst say that this is not my favorite topic. But try to make as mutch as you can of your life, try to find something out, maybe even try a hand at something like sport or programming and here you are. Found something wich will make you happy the most of your life. And, suicide is most shoorly not the sway out, because there are menny other ways, not to menshen that they increase every they

16. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I have never been negative this way, even though I lost a lot of people and I could get over it but the situation which I am currently facing is complicating me, I can't seem to be able to do anything and if I let things go the way they want, it just makes me cry overly and I don't know what to do than trying to show all my love

17. YNWA,

I feel you need to talk to a professional over this issue or a very close friend who understands you. There are people that have experience in your situation who can help.

18. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I think I should not have posted here, I got a lot of tips but I am usually not the one who draws people's attention on public, but it is because I have no side to protect my back when I am in an adversity

19. soundarya,

Dear Cocoa,
Delete the word suicide from your brain.
Please inbox me about your issues.
I might not respond immediately as I am having some works, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your true friend, Soundarya.

20. sound2,

Hi coco
I'm sorry to heare about the painful emotions you are going through. I can only agree with what's been said here. Life is very precious, and there is a chance that things would get better somehow. I personally would be quite sad if I heard something happend to you, it's better to have you around.
I wish you strength and all the best.

21. sopralto,

I agree with some of the others here that the meaning of life is that God put us here on this earth to love Him and to love others. But you asked people who don't consider an afterlife, so even though I believe in the afterlife, I'll try to answer without considering that. Those people who love you will be upset if you were to leave them. You may not know it, but you mean something to people. Just look at how many people responded here to this post, because we care about you and hate to see you going through this. As for losing people, unfortuantely it is a part of life that's not easy to answer, but memories are always with us, and no one can take that away. You are never alone, and I do think you should talk to someone professional about this, or at least a very close friend. I hope you will feel better soon.

22. The-Queen,

I agree with people who say that it's test here on The Earth.
Though I might tell you that I've also committed suicide, I'd tell you that there are a lot of things that stop you. The main ones are your family, your friends, all the people you know. Less or more, many people know you. Some are glad, some are not. But you have to move on. After every hardship comes ease. That's the thought that keeps me here, living, enjoying and happy. Also, the life is too short and we do not know what will happen tomorrow, after a few hours or days. That's why, we should live, be happy and do whatever we want, though in the limits of the normal. So, that is what I think. But if you'd like to talk to someone who understands, I will kindly recommend myself, because I know a lot of people like that.
All the best!
Amna, YES Alumni2016-2017

23. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I strongly apologize for the absurd point of the discussion, and I want to clear up that I have not made this topic just to encourage people to suicide, that is not my decision but all I tried to share is my depression and I seeked for your wise helps.
I thank you all for being so gladly understanding and that gave me pleasure to be around. Though yet I can not confide myself with the sins I've committed unmeaningly. Overcoming friendship and love losses is not a success nor something to be happy for. I live, but a part of my soul is not mine. I'm not who I used to be, I buried who I was before. It was not my intention but does anything remain for eternity

24. sound2,

I'm glad to see you've posted. Was wondering what had happend to you. I understand that feeling, but one can only try, things have to change eventually. I hope you are okay otherwise.
Take care of yourself.

25. YNWA,

Although it is an unusual way to post the most important thing is you are ok. It looked that you needed to get a few things off your chest so if the forum worked then it is a good thing.

26. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Thank you all for your comments and for your helps, I'm still healing up and I can't assure myself when to be fine but at least better than before. I witness that I didn't ever, by anyway try to rouse anyone to be a suicidal, all what I said is what was inside me and I know that you are people worth more than gold.

27. play_romania1,


28. AmineTrichine,

and your point is?

29. Nikola,

Ignore that person as he or she has no point in any topic and should be disallowed on forums.

30. policeman1,

You should be disallowed as well.

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