Hello does anyone have mississippi game?

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1. darker ,

as the subjet says I need the mississippi setup even if I just play it as a demo because I can no longer ask a new license. If you happen to have it please send it to the followin adress. valdezyashua@gmail.com
thanks in advance, and happy gaming.

2. Minionslayer,

what on earth is this game?

3. darker ,

Uncle has died end left his properties to you. As you start you have to get money in all the profetions abailable to you.

4. bloodsharp,

i don't get what it is

5. Ferrumite,

are we expected to get it? lol

6. darker ,

For minionslayer here you go. Mississippi is a blind-accessible game available in both the German and English language. It is a trade-simulation game that takes place in the Wild West of 1770. In the game you learn that a distant uncle in America has died and that he has left you all of his money. In the game you have to use the money to gain more money, using a variety of�goods (for instance corn), of which the value may constantly change throughout the game. You earn money by�buying cheap goods and selling�them for more money.�But you can�also get rich by trying your luck in a casino. Your goal is to become the most powerful tradesman in the country. When you succeed you may even have the chance to become president of America!
A demo version is available . It is restricted to only run 4 years (in the game that is, so you can only play untill 1774). There are a few other restrictions, like a limited casino. the trancription is taken from audiogames.net, sadly link for download don't work. for other no your not suposed to get it, I just asked as favor if anyone had the setup pleace share it just the setup not crack not something else because i know rules don't allow it.

7. moaddye,

hello. anyone of you guys have grail to the thief's full playthrew?

8. Minionslayer,

ah, thx for explanation

9. StormProductions,

This game sounds awesome. Anyone has the link to it? And a crack as a permanent message would be better because we will break the rules of the game.

10. george,

Where is can find this game?

11. Wiam,

sounds awesome, maybe you can find it in ag.net or agArchive

12. dzoni ,

I'm looking for a game, but I can not find anywhere.

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