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1. BellaCat6666,

Good day/evening one and all! As all of you know, there was the 1k miles tournament that took place this weekend in the course of two days. I must say it was a good turnout. The results are as follows: the scores of the final match: Alexandra Alexandru-Cozaciuc 6325 and Aurel Catallin 6900, so the champion team is Aurel Catallin, Alexandra with Alexandru-Cozaciuc are on the second place, Vero with Luize on the third. My apologies to the people who could not play but we had to get creative and draft other players as needed. All and all, thank you everybody for your cooperation and participation and also thanks to Cristina for helping me make this a more successful one than the last one I tried lol. I hope yall had fun. Well have a great rest of your day/evening. Sincerely everyone's favorite girl, Bella with all those annoying sixes. !Lol!

2. YNWA,

Well done for you for giving it another go, just a little piece of advice, lol, why not choose sevrnrnrrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnz'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z'z?

3. bloodsharp,

sorry i couldn't come guys

4. BellaCat6666,

Well, there's always next time. And again congrats to the winners.

5. Alicanto ,

mhm, me neyther. I couldn't also be present

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

That is it, well congrats.

7. StormProductions,

Damn, I just forgot about it. :D

8. BellaCat6666,

Perhaps I may do another tournament of some sort again someday. And, I see you changed your username here to match your skype name lol.

9. StormProductions,

Yeah I did. :)

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